Sunday, April 30, 2017

East Vancouver Taekwondo Grand Opening [RECAP]

The dojo had already opened doors to students for classes in mid-April, but Saturday, April 29th was the grand opening event as well as the Break-a-thon Fundraising event (Breaking Boards Breaking Chains).

Breaking Boards Breaking Chains (BBBC) is a display of martial arts board-breaking to raise awareness and financial support for the International Justice Mission (IJM) and Martial Arts for Justice to help free modern day slaves in third-world countries. All 3 of Master Tony Kook's schools (North Vancouver, West Vancouver and East Vancouver) worked together to help support this cause and stop an end to child slavery.

For the East Vancouver Taekwondo Grand Opening event, it was a great turn out. Many people came to watch and all filled the room. We are all happy for those who have supported this fundraising event and proud of the brave students who took their courage & effort in breaking those boards. Our son was able to participate in this Taekwondo board-breaking fundraiser since he had a few sponsors (including myself) with their generous donations. I was proud of him for his confidence and stepping onto the mat when it was his turn.

I was glad to have captured some amazing board-breaking action from the students and Taekwondo Masters. Here are just some of the many photographs.

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