Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Master Lock Mastermind Video Sweepstakes

Do you have any questions to ask the Master Mind? He'll help you safely and securely navigate the school year in style. He will answer you right on the wall of Master Lock Facebook Page in a personalized video. I think it's a pretty neat idea and the videos gets everyone entertained (and make you feel special that you are mentioned too). Feel free to ask him anything!

Visit http://www.facebook.com/masterlock to submit your question for the Master Mind and also enter for the sweepstakes drawings through September 19, 2011. Enter every day through September 19 to increase your chances of winning! The sweepstakes is in no way affiliated with Facebook.


(45) Forty-Five Second Place Daily Prize winners will receive:
  • $50 USD Visa gift card
  • Master Lock® Speed Dial™ Lock
  • Master Lock® Precision Dial Lock
Sponsor shall select models/colors of prizes in its sole discretion. ARV of each Second Place Daily Video Prize: $60 USD. (9) Nine First Place Weekly Prize winners will receive:
  • High-end ear buds
  • $150 USD Visa gift card
  • Master Lock® Speed Dial™ Lock
  • Master Lock® Precision Dial Lock
Sponsor shall select models/colors of prizes in its sole discretion. ARV of each First Place Daily Video Prize: $285 USD. (1) One Grand Prize winner will receive:
  • 32GB Wi-Fi 3G iPad®
  • (2) two years of 2GB/month AT&T 3G data plan in the form of a $600 USD Visa Gift Card
  • iPad® case
  • iPad® dock
  • iPad® dock connector to VGA adapter
  • AppleCare® Protection Plan
  • $500 USD Visa gift card
  • Master Lock® Speed Dial™ Lock
  • Master Lock® Precision Dial Lock
  • School messenger bag or backpack

Disclosure: I was not provided any products for this post, but was provided info to share. The opinions expressed in my review are my own personal and honest thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

My First Skydiving Experience

Sunday's skydiving went well... having done it the first time, it wasn't too bad at all. I'll admit it was fun, but my whole body ached the next day -- the muscles in my shoulders, my back, my legs, my behind were stiff. I felt so sore I couldn't get out of bed in the morning.

It was a surprise from the Hubby for our anniversary. He already told me ahead of time. I got nervous after he told me and I went ahead and watched videos online to see how others have done it.  Jumping out of a plane seemed kinda scary.

And when the day came, I didn't really feel nervous at all because I just kept thinking it'll be like a roller coaster ride. So when we got to the venue at Flyzone Bodyflight in Delta, I realized it was just indoor skydiving. My reaction was, "There's indoor skydiving available?"  Hubby being so secretive and keeping quite with this surprise and didn't tell me that we weren't skydiving out of the plane.

There was a group of 4 of us (including the 2 other guys). We sat down with the instructor and hear about the training lesson. Then we went to put on our gear: suit, earplugs, and helmet. And we were set!

It was my turn to go into the "vertical wind tunnel". There is no jumping nor falling sensation. My description would be like something milder than a roller coaster ride. It was a bit hard to breath at first because the wind just kept blowing up at my face. We just have to keep our head up and breath through our noses. After the second time, it was a bit better when I got used to it and not thinking about it. It felt like a really short session.

Here's me in the wind tunnel.

And here's Hubby in the wind tunnel.

[YouTube Video coming soon. I'm still editing.]

I'm still wondering how it would feel if we did the actual skydiving out of the plane. I'd probably get a huge adrenalin rush during the fall.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Smallville Season 10 coming to DVD in November 2011

It has been announced that the TV Show, Smallville's tenth season, will be released this November 8th -- and just in time for the holidays.

Earlier post according to TV Shows on DVD:

We reported back in September that Amazon.com had begun taking advance orders for DVD and Blu-ray releases of Smallville - The Complete 10th Season, even though Warner Home Video hasn't officially announced the title yet. We're still waiting for that formal word from the studio, but now we might have a release date for this item! VideoETA, a site produced by the retail distribution arm of Ingram Entertainment, is showing that these sets, costing $59.98 SRP for the DVD and $69.97 SRP for the BD, will be available on November 8th. Why later in the year than usual? Because this is the final season, and with no new season debut to tie the home video release into, the studio is likely wanting to take advantage of the winter holiday season foot traffic in stores. The provided date is, of course, early information and could be subject to change. Stay tuned for updates, when the studio finalizes things and makes their official product announcement.

Now you can pre-order the Smallville: The Complete Tenth Season DVD (or Blu-Ray) at Amazon.com.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) Fair

It was Hubby's day off and we decided to go to the PNE Fair because we had complimentary tickets. Exhibits and attractions includes rides, games, food, and live shows & music. There is also a marketplace where vendors sell their products for really good deals.

As always, we parked at grandma's house and walked over to the venue just a few blocks. If you don't live nearby, I recommend you take transit (unless you are willing to pay $15 for parking). Residents nearby will allow you to park at their house or garage at a price. You'll see some of the residents holding signs or telling you that they have a parking space available.

We had lunch there, then walked around. We didn't spend our money on crazy rides, but we did take our little one to a few of the kiddie rides. I still remembered my highschool days when I ised to go on almost every ride. The big roller coaster is still around. I noticed some of the rides that I used to go on are no longer there anymore. There are newer rides, but I can't go on the spinning ones because I'll get really sick. I'm getting old I guess.

I miss the ferris wheel. It brings back memories.

We also had a chance to watch part of the motorbike stunts. Looks pretty cool. I took pictures as well as recorded a short video clip. Here's just a few pictures.

Before heading back home, we had some "Wiggle Chips" for snack. We had this last year, but looks like the price is a bit cheaper this time.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dinosaur Exhibit at Science World

It was a sunny weekend and I decided to have a family trip to see the Dinosaur Exhibit at Science World.  We've been to Science World many times, but occasionally they have new exhibits. When we got there, looks like they were undergoing some renovations and will be adding more space in the gallery.

The displays and the realism were pretty amazing. The 10,000 square foot exhibition features 19 animatronic dinosaurs and two full-scale articulated skeletons. The dinosaurs come to life with blinking eyes, moving limbs, gnashing teeth and thundering roars.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Japanese Powell Street Festival

A little late for this post, but finally uploaded some photos from the Japanese Powell Street Festival and sights around Canada Place in Vancouver on July 31, 2011. The Festival is held every year during the last weekend of July.

The Powell Street Festival is an annual celebration of Japanese Canadian arts, culture and heritage that features something for everyone: dance, music, film and video, visual arts, martial arts demos, amateur sumo tournament, craft vendors, traditional displays, and of course, tons of scrumptious Japanese food.

Our experience: This was our 2nd time (2nd year) attending this event. The weather was great; the parking was okay. We found parking a bit further, but still only a few blocks to walk. There were a lot of people lined up at the food stands. There's pretty good food. We had our lunch there and bought Yakisoba with the fried veggie patty (I forgot what that was called).

Smoked Salmon

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Celebrity Crush: Justin Hartley

So for this post (especially for the ladies), I share with you my celebrity crush and a little bit of eye candy for you. I'm sure most of you have a celebrity crush or a favorite too. Who's my favorite? Justin Hartley.... (who is the same age as I am, but a few months older). What I love about him: his talent, his voice, his smile, his cuteness, his hot bod, and he's blonde (I like blonde guys).

He plays Oliver Queen (aka Green Arrow) on the TV series, Smallville.  Ever since Justin appeared in Season 6, I fell in love and became more interested about his Green Arrow character.  That's when I noticed him and thought he was pretty cute... and hot. I'm a little sad that there isn't any more new episodes after showing Smallville for 10 seasons. The finale was last aired in May 2011.  I've been watching the show since season 1.

Here's a fan art I made. Some of you may have already seen it somewhere. Can you say hotness?

Before Smallville, he played Aquaman in 2006, but the TV pilot episode did not get picked up. Unfortunately, the show got cancelled. Too bad... It would've been an interesting one.  Besides being in TV shows, Justin has been in a few movies like, "Red Canyon", "Spring Breakdown", "Megafault", and few others.

If you watch Smallville and/or a big fan like I am, you can check out my Tumblr page for more Smallville stuff.  Occasionally, I also like to make my own fan art from the TV show.

So who's your celebrity crush?

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Revscene Summer Meet 2011

It was Revscene's Summer Meet of 2011, a huge annual car club meet. It is a free event and great opportunity to meet other car owners and other car clubs together. The weather was ok with some sun and clouds, unlike last year where it was cloudy and windy.

Official description:

It's that time again! REVscene.net's annual Summer meet is back for another year showcasing Vancouver's beloved metal babies. Take the parents, kids, s/o's, whoever they might be out for this much anticipated event!

Date: Sunday, August 21 · 12:00pm - 4:00pm
LOCATION: Adesa Richmond Public Auction
Address: 16179 Blundell Road, Richmond, V6W0A3

I signed up on the attendance list, but I almost forgot about the event. My Honda Civic is finally back on the road and I was planning to drive it down to the meet. Instead, the Hubby drive us there after having lunch in Richmond. Of course, little Brandon was with us and he loved seeing nice cars. The venue was a new and bigger location, and was convenient. Too bad I didn't get to bring out my fancy Civic to show off (I even just got it insured and back on the road).

I did bring my small camera. There were lots to see, but I didn't take too many photos. I'm sure a lot of others took some cool photos.  My thoughts: Revscene Meet = Free carshow (and bigger too). haha... It still beats the paid local car shows.

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