Thursday, October 2, 2008

Welcome Brandon to our World

My due date was September 29th, 2008, but something happened on the friday morning of September 26th. My water broke and I knew I was in labor. I could feel small contractions and I had to call my doctor so she could see me right away on how far along I was. My husband called in work to take his day off so he could be with me.

Brandon Jordan Yuen was born September 26, 2008. My husband and I were thrilled about being first time parents. I couldn't believe I am a mom now. It was the best thing ever when Brandon came into our world. Details about him:

Born: September 26, 2008 @ 11:58pm
Weighed 6Lbs 15.8oz
Measured: 48cm

brandon01 by jennieyuen

* Birthstone is Sapphire (Clear Thinking)
* Flower is Aster or Morning_Glory (Brown, Deep Blue)
* Astrological Sign is Libra
* Born in the Chinese Year of The Rat
* Will start kindergarten in 2014
* Be old enough to drive a car in 2024
* Will graduate High School with the Class of 2027

Photos from Day 2 (2-days old)

002 by jennieyuen brandon04 by jennieyuen brandon05 by jennieyuen

Photos from Day 3 (3-days old , still at the hospital)
Baby had to be treated under phototherapy since he had some slight jaundice. Other than that, he was perfectly healthy.