Saturday, January 30, 2010

Video Tutorial: Origami Stars

Lately I've been making videos and tutorials on some of my crafty stuff and artwork. The completed video is a tutorial on how to make 3D origami stars, which can be found on my YouTube account. I have embedded the video below. I'm still in the process of editing other videos I had filmed.

Thanks for watching my videos and hope you will subscribe to my YouTube Channel and keep an eye out for more updates.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shop Handmade

I recently posted a few of my handmade crafts on ShopHandmade.com. I have made another batch of polymer clay charms and new ones will be posted soon. Black dangle strap/cord is included with each charm accessory item.

What I have available: origami roses, little hamster charms, cupcake charms, rainbow lollipop charms.

Other items I am currently making: mini cake charms, mushroom charms, truffle charms, kawaii fruits, mini icecream cones, and more to come.

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Want Beautiful Skin?

I want to introduce Avon's Clearskin Pro 3-Step Facial Cleaning System. It works as effectively as Pro-Active. The kit includes: Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub 125mL, Clarifying Toner Pads (45 pads), and Daily Correcting Lotion 60mL; All for price of $29.99 plus taxes. I would recommend this to everyone, even guys, if you want really great skin.

Avon Clearskin Professional Acne Treatment System : This three step system is a comprehensive anti-acne skincare regimen with exclusive active ingredients specifically designed to fight the entire acne cycle. Each product in the system is formulated with proven ingredients to prevent blemishes before they surface and accelerate healing time during a breakout, while visibly evening your skin tone. After just three days, you finally feel good about the way your skin looks. To achieve refreshed, healthy-looking skin, follow the Clearskin Professional three-step regimen day and night in the following order ::::: STEP 1 - DEEP PORE CLEANSING SCRUB : This cooling scrub is designed to treat every stage of your blemish from start to finish. Contains Avon's exclusive Oil Contol System to quickly dissolve pore-clogging dirt and oil, leaving your skin clean and healthy-looking. ::::: STEP 2 - CLARIFYING TONER PADS : These convenient pads clarify your skin by re-texturizing, calming and soothing in one easy step. After just one use, skin looks and feels smoother. ::::: STEP 3 - DAILY CORRECTING LOTION : This multi-tasking treatment lotion is designed to treat every stage of your blemish from start to finish. Proven to even skin tone, this lotion visibly minimizes pores and removes oil build-up for a shine-free finish.

I've been using Avon cosmetic products for a while now and I want to say that I really like their stuff. I am also an AVON Rep (and for 6 years now) and I get to try a lot of different products such as cosmetics and bath stuff. Compared to big brands, Avon has great quality for a great price.

I have the current online brochure for you all to browse: Campaign 3. Ordering placement dates for this brochure are February 15 and March 1, 2010. All prices are in Canadian Dollars. I accept local pickup (Vancouver, BC). If you would like the products shipped to you, please contact me for an estimate shipping rate.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

AJ Racing Selling Fake J's Racing Parts

It was shocking and surprising to hear that AJ-Racing had been found to be selling replicas of J's Racing car parts. This is huge since this is quite a well-known company. The news has spread around various car forums and I've recently read it through REVscene that was just posted few days ago. But then again, I believe this news was from almost a year ago and people are still talking about it.
Dear Ben Leung

First of all, it is almost 9 years since we, J’s Racing, started a business
relationship with your company in 2002. We fully acknowledge that your sales
& marketing have made the current J’s Racing popular status in the North America
and we deeply thank you for that.

Unfortunately we have to present you a rather unpleasant notice today. We recently
learned that in spite of your status of an official distributor of J’s Racing, you
have been copying J’s Racing products in a factory abroad and selling the products
as the genuine J’s Racing merchandise.

In order to verify the information and to get the clear evidence we actually purchased
a product from you for an inspection. Regrettably we found that you not only copied the
product but also copied our packing tape and box to make the product look exactly like a
genuine J’s Racing product.

Now that we have a proof and we consider your conduct as a criminal offense, we no longer
can maintain the current business relationship with you. We have already consulted an
attorney in the British Columbia and we are ready to take strong legal actions if necessary.

We strongly feel that an official distributor should be the one policing the copied or
knockoff products. It is outrageous that an official distributor itself sells a copied
product as a genuine one. This is an inexcusable conduct even from the social point of
view and we will not forgive this kind of crime.

Regarding this matter, we are considering the number of actions. We will give you one
chance of providing us a sincere response and coming up with an offer for a monetary

Our actions include but are not limited to
1) Termination of the distributor status
2) A legal action to demand accounting information on the quantity of the copied products
produced and to demand a definite proof for destroying the copied products.
3) Bringing a criminal charges against A&J Racing
4) Disclosure of the issue on our website using your company’s name
5) Disclosure of the issue on the several forums in the world using your company’s name

To name several forums,

6) Notification of the issue to all the manufacturers J’s Racing has business relationship with
7) Notification of the issue to all the companies J’s Racing has traded with
8) Notification of the issue to all the magazine publishing companies A&J Racing has relationship with
9) Notification of the issue to your father, Anthony

Those actions will inflict serious damages to your company.
In the business world, the trust is the most important. It is very regrettable you have lost our trust.
We will be waiting for your sincere response and a specific compensation offer.
The deadline is April 22, 2009.


J’S RACING Junichi Umemoto
J’S RACING Hisaaki Murakami

I'm sure there will be a lot of very disappointed people who bought the parts from AJR to find it it is not the genuine J's Racing. The company wrote a statement on their site regarding the copy products of J's Racing.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Artwork: Christmas Under the Sea

I've been trying to catch up on my blog. Now that I have the chance, it's time for an update. Below is my first artwork for the new year. I actually did two versions: one was for more seasonal (Christmas theme), whereas the other one is just general. I named them differently.

Christmas Under the Sea

Underwater Beauty

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Art Magazine Subscription

When I'm bored, I spend. That's my bad habit. Feeling guilty now cuz I just bought something online like 3 days in a row.

I just subscribed to two art magazines from Imagine Publishing: Advanced Photoshop and Digital Artist. I know they have really good content and tutorials. I previously purchased the bookazine premium collection of Advanced Photoshop & Photoshop Creative.

I am also currently subscribed to Future Publishing's ImagineFX (another awesome art magazine), but I find that the magazines from Imagine Publishing have better resources. I do like ImagineFX; don't get me wrong. They do a lot of artist features that I like and that gets worldwide exposure. I'm still hoping someday they will feature my artwork.

Just a note that all these magazines come from the UK. All the good stuff come from there :)

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

FREE Vancouver Olympic 2010 Journal

Hope everyone had a great start for the New Year! I am back from the holidays. To start off the New Year, I'll be sharing some cool FREE stuff you can get. You can check back my posts to find out where to get them.

Theres a cool freebie for all you Olympic fans out there. Capture all your Vancouver 2010 memories in your FREE personalized Official Vancouver 2010 Journal. Store tickets and memorabilia, and record your Games-related thoughts and experiences in this 160-page personalized journal (valued at $17.99 CDN). This unique keepsake includes photography ideas, questions to prompt Games memories, blank journal pages and a special pocket for Games-related memorabilia. A must-have for all Games enthusiasts!

*Offer not available to residents of Australia and Palestine

Sign up to reserve your FREE copy of the Vancouver 2010 Journal.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Carrara vs. Poser

I am trying to get back into 3D modeling again. I've always been using Poser. I've heard people saying DAZ3D's Carrara has better rendering quality as well as running more smoothly, so I thought I'd give that a try.

I started using Poser 6 back then and got some great 3D models from DAZ. If you are a beginner with 3D modeling and character posing, there's a free version of DAZ Studio you can download.


- better animation controls
- more render options
- more complete tool set that allows you to create models of any type
- runs more smoothly on your computer
- more capabilities

- the only advantage with Poser is that posing and animating figures are much easier

Since I am new to Carrara 7, it seems to be more difficult to use than I thought, but I'm sure the more I experiment with it, I should get used to it. And I am planning to stick with the Daz3D program instead. If you want to do more in 3D, Carrara is a good choice.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

DeviantART Groups

I love the new DeviantART Groups system. I find that art submissions for the clubs that I am current in are so much easier. What I love about the new Groups system is that I'm getting a lot more pageview hits and more people are fave-ing my art. This is giving me a lot more exposure and it's fantastic!

Most of the groups I belong to have already converted. Here are the groups I currently belong to:
:iconworldofwarcraft-art: :iconthe-warcraft-legion: :icondafantasy: :icondigitaldelights: :iconphotographyaddicts: :iconfanartists-club: :icongame-fanart: :icondigital-artists: :icondigitalartnetwork: :iconnature-club: :iconcolor-me-club: :iconphotomanipulatorclub: :iconfantasyartistsutd: :iconartisancraft: :icondaydreamersrealm: :iconwings-of-fantasy: :iconmanipulators: :iconavaloncommunity: :iconmacro-club: :icondisney-club: :iconrealm-of-fantasy: :iconposeraddicts: :icondazclub: :iconanime-manga-artists: :iconkingdomhearts: :iconeverything-nikon: :iconkhclub: :iconanime-artists: :iconmasterphotoshop: :iconphotographersclub: :iconshutter-vision: :iconskyandnatureclub: :iconimanipulate: :icondigital-concept: :iconpolymerclaygoodies: :iconsemi-sweeties: :icondeviantartfilm: :iconautomotiveindesign: :icondavirtualtuning: :iconautomotivefans: :iconcreative-digitalart: :iconeliteartists: :iconpaintingdigital:

:iconthe-fantasy-club: :iconscapes-club: :iconkeepers-of-dreams: :iconcloseup-photography: :iconelves:

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