Monday, August 15, 2011

Not Having A Good Day

It was nice weather. Other than that, I didn't have a great day. It was a crappy day, I'd say.

Today, I decided to buy a 1-day car insurance to get my car for the AirCare test. So then if I pass, I could get the full year insurance. Unfortunately, I did not pass. I passed 2 out of 3 emissions, except the Hydrocarbons just by 0.10!

Frustration #2: It took a while to get the car seat out as well as installed.
Frustration #3: I realized my car is not baby/child carseat friendly. I couldn't find any anchors for the hooks. I had to strap 2 seat belts on both sides.
Frustration #4: Gas prices. I had 1/4 left and filled up just over $40.
Frustration #5: Traffic on the highway.
Frustration #6: Failed AirCare.
Frushtration #7: Didn't get a chance to do my errands.

So my whole day was lost on both time and money. I'm just a frustrated with all this. With that amount spent (and time), I could've bought a month (2-zone) bus pass, and finished all my errands that day.

* One-day insurance: $26
* Gas fill-up: $40
* AirCare Inspection: $45
TOTAL = $111 (argh!)

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