Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) Fair

It was Hubby's day off and we decided to go to the PNE Fair because we had complimentary tickets. Exhibits and attractions includes rides, games, food, and live shows & music. There is also a marketplace where vendors sell their products for really good deals.

As always, we parked at grandma's house and walked over to the venue just a few blocks. If you don't live nearby, I recommend you take transit (unless you are willing to pay $15 for parking). Residents nearby will allow you to park at their house or garage at a price. You'll see some of the residents holding signs or telling you that they have a parking space available.

We had lunch there, then walked around. We didn't spend our money on crazy rides, but we did take our little one to a few of the kiddie rides. I still remembered my highschool days when I ised to go on almost every ride. The big roller coaster is still around. I noticed some of the rides that I used to go on are no longer there anymore. There are newer rides, but I can't go on the spinning ones because I'll get really sick. I'm getting old I guess.

I miss the ferris wheel. It brings back memories.

We also had a chance to watch part of the motorbike stunts. Looks pretty cool. I took pictures as well as recorded a short video clip. Here's just a few pictures.

Before heading back home, we had some "Wiggle Chips" for snack. We had this last year, but looks like the price is a bit cheaper this time.

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  1. Looks like a great time!! We took our boys and I yearned for the teen years with no strollers and adult ride passes lol!