Thursday, May 19, 2011

Westcoast Road Trip Day 20: Oregon Coast

It was a bright and sunny day. We got up at 7am and left our hotel by 8am and were on our way to the Oregon Coast and Dunes City.

We took the exit on 136 to connect to highway 138 west and then connect to highway 38. We arrived in Florence at 12pm, so it took about 4 hours drive to Florence/Dunes City from Medford.

The next sand dunes tour at Sand Dune Frontier wasn't till 2:30pm, so we drove around and had lunch first. Then went over to Sand Land Adventures (another sand dunes tour place), but just did the go-karting. We walked around to kill time. Finally, we got to go riding on the bigger dune car. The tour was aout half an hour.  Our driver/guide mentioned that the type of sand is called snow sand, unlike the sand at the beaches. It is more finer here. It was like a desert out there. I was like, "wow!"

There were also other people in their ATV's

We got back to the lot at about 3pm and we were on our way to our next destination. We wanted to check out the sea lion cave just a bit north on Route 101. The view was amazing.

After checking out the nice scenaries, we continued driving up on Route 101 highway. At about 8:30pm and we've finally arrived in Portland, OR. It was a long day for us. Time to rest up.

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