Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Westcoast Road Trip Day 11: California Adventure Park

After spending two days at Disneyland, we went straight over to California Adventure Park the third day. The first area we immediately went to was the photo session with Disney-Pixar Cars. The line up was fairly quick because we got there early. Lightning McQueen was our most favorite characters. We love Cars!

Too bad Cars 2 Land isn't finished yet until 2012

It's Sailor Mickey!

I forgot to mention that the day before (Day 10 Disneyland), we took the Monorail from Disneyland to Downtown Disney. Our favorite part was the RideMakerz store where we can customize and build our own toy cars. We made a custom Lightning McQueen. It was kinda expensive because the cost of the parts add up. If we wanted to go with the stock, that would be included with the body of the car we pick.

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