Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Westcoast Road Trip Day 17-18: Sacramento, CA

It was another new day and another new place. We had the continental breakfast, checked out Ramada hotel at 8:00am and were on our way to Sacramento, CA.  It's a big city, so there were a lot to see.  We drove along the I-680 freeway, whick is a new route and not passing by San Francisco.

Passing the toll ($5) crossing on I-680 and connecting to I-80

Day 17 (May 16, 2011): Railroad Museum and Old Sacramento

At about 10:10am, we arrived in Sacramento. So it was about a 2hr drive from San Jose to Sacramento.  We first went to visit the Railroad Museum (http://www.csrmf.org/) and walked around Old Sacramento.  There were quite some interesting history about the trains and how the railway was built. There were toy train displays as well.


We had lunch in Old Sacramento at this restaurant called Ten22. I had Ahi Tuna Sliders (mini burgers) and hubby had pasta.

A brief view of Old Sacramento town.

After walking around Old Sacramento, we went to the Sacramento Zoo. Photos will be posted in my Art & Photography Blog.

I kept sneezing all day.  Don't know if it was hayfever or if I'm starting to get a cold.  It was chilly outside though and also some cotton puffs flying around the air.  I just hope I'm not getting sick.

At about 3:20pm, we went to check in to our hotel and rested.  Little Brandon was tired and sleeping so we just let him rest on the bed.

Day 18 (May 17, 2011): Car Museum, Governor's Mansion and the Capitol Building

The weather was quite cold. What a big difference from LA. I already miss the LA weather (and the palm trees). Our first stop was the California Automobile Museum. The museum showcases antique cars, muscle cars, race cars, as well as unique cars.

Automobile Museum Gallery

Next stop was the visit to the Governor's Mansion

Capitol Building

It did eventually stopped raining outside. We went back to our hotel and then called it a day. I was sleepy and didn't want to do anything else.

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