Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Westcoast Road Trip Day 19: Medford, OR

We woke up super early at 7:15pm and left our hotel hotel at 8:30 am after grabbing coffee and breakfast (yogurt and muffins) from the lobby.  We drove onto the I-5 freeway and were on our way to Medford, OR. The weather got better later in the day.

It was around 12pm noon and we stopped at Burger King near Mt Shasta for lunch.  We passed by Mount Shasta (EL 14,162FT) again, but going northbound. There weren't as much snow as from the first time we saw on our way southbound couple weeks ago. It was still nice to see such a nice view on this sunny day.

On our left, we saw lots of snow on Mount Eddy (EL 9025 FT):

While driving along the highway, we passed by several farm houses and many cows, sheeps, and a couple of horses roaming around.  We were also driving through more of the smaller mountains.


At 2:05pm, we finally arrived in Medford.  Shopping time in Oregon ( tas-free State). We walked around the mall and afterwards checked into our hotel nearby.

I was glad to leave that hotel soon because the floor was filthy. This was Ramada Hotel and was supposed to be a good one, but this particular hotel had carpets that made the bottom of our feet black. I wore socks every time I walked on the carpet. It was so dirty I had to throw away my dirty socks.

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