Sunday, May 15, 2011

Westcoast Road Trip Day 15-16: San Jose, CA

We arrived in San Jose at about 2:45pm and went to check out the Mystery Mansion first before checking into our hotel.  The admission to see inside the mansion was $30 each and didn't look like it was worth it, so we didn't go in. However, walking outside of the courtyard was free. We did that and explored the gardens.

Afterwards, we drove to Walgreens to pick up my photo prints that I ordered while back in Santa Maria.  This was the only day that prints were on sale at 50/$5 and I took advantage of that deal.

We checked into our hotel at about 4:15pm.  At dinner time, Hubby and little Brandon went to the Japanese restaurant just next to the hotel while I went met up with my sister's brother/sister In Law. They came by to pick me up. We went to a buffet restaurant called Sweet Tomato.  That's where my sister went the last time they visited the family.

The next morning (May 15), we ate a bit of breakfast at the hotel and headed over to the San Jose Flea Market.  It was like our Richmond, Night Market, but 4 times bigger (and opens during the day).  There were a lot of good deals,  but we didn't get to buy everything we wanted as we wouldn't have any trunk space.  There were all osrts of things people were selling: from toys, clothings, backpacks, luggage, to car parts, car stereo, carpets, plants, and much more...


It was a cloudy day. It suddenly hailed for a bit and then rained, so we ran for cover. It's weird as it got sunny again later.

Our next destination was the Children's Museum in downtown.  It was very busy and crowded (probably because it was on a Sunday).  There was a firetruck and ambulance demo vehicles where kids can go inside to see. There were also a few interactive areas, but I think that Bounce-a-rama would've been more fun.

The rest of the afternoon, we walked around downtown Santa Clara and relaxed a bit. Then had Vietnamese noodles for dinner before heading back to the hotel.  I was so full after the big bowl of noodles (ordered a small) and that jelly pearl drink.

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