Monday, May 2, 2011

Westcoast Road Trip Day 3: Medford, OR

It was a rainy day. At 7:45am, we left Portland and headed down to Eugene and Medford, OR. We thought about heading to Florence to check out the sand dunes if it the weather got better on the way. Since it was still raining in that area, we decided to skip it. I guess we will visit there on our way back instead.

At 9:15am, we arrived in Eugene, OR to rest up and get gas. Soon we were on our way again. After this area, the highway had some windy/curvy roads and hilly parts. We were in the mountain areas. It was raining as well, so I was a bit nervous (though Hubby was the one driving).

Before we got near Medford, we saw a farm on fire with smoke everywhere close to the highway.

So we arrived at our destination at around 12:30pm-1pm. Check-in was at 3pm, so we brought our little Brandon to the Kid's Discovery Centre before heading over to Red Lion Hotel, which is just a few blocks away. Lots to see and a fun place for kids. More of Brandon's photos will be posted on my other blog soon at Baby Brandon's Adventures

We checked into our hotel at 3:30pm and rested before heading out for dinner. We went to Olive Garden and had pasta. There were many shops nearby such as Safeway, Walmart, Old Navy, and a few others. It was convenient.

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