Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Westcoast Road Trip Day 12: Newport Beach - LA

This was like a rest day or a relax day where we went shopping out at the mall and walked along Newport Beach.  It's really nice there at the beach. There were people fishing from the deck. And then there were people surfing the small waves and others just tanning and enjoying the sun.

Believe me, the view was way better in person than from the photos.

<--- Panoramic View

I saw quite a few nice cars out there: Jaguar, Ferrari, Porsche (wow, I rarely see 4-door Porsche cars)...

We parked behind the 4-door Porsche:

Then we came across this small ice-cream shop. Instead of ordering ice-cream, they had frozen banana and I wanted to try it. The banana was frozen and was dipped in chocolate. We had a choice of adding sprinkles or nuts, but I just wanted a plain chocolate-dipped. It was good. It costed $3.00 each, which is a pretty reasonable price.

I want to move to LA now and I'd go to the beaches every weekend. :) The only thing very different were the freeways. There were so many junctions and so many lanes compared to Vancouver. The 405 was as horrible as the I-5 during rush hour, but we eventually made it back.

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