Sunday, September 30, 2012

Songstress GYPSYWOLF Hits the Scene

GYPSYWOLF is a fearless feminine wild energy that is the untamable soul of singer songwriter Sarah Agajanian. It is the inspiration which drives her, and the passion that creates her beautiful, soulful, and sexy music. It yearns to impact others and spread its voice. Sarah (GYPSYWOLF) does just that in her BRAND NEW single and debut music video “MEANT TO BE”.

Sarah Agajanian GYPSYWOLF is quickly becoming the buzzed about new artist—performing at Los Angeles hotspots Harvelles, The Viper Room, Bronson Bar, Witzend, and Bar Lubitsch. Writing her own lyrics and performing on the keys, she brings a fresh and delicious energy to singer/songwriting and to the indie music scene. We would love to set up an interview with you and Sarah to discuss her debut single and music video for MEANT TO BE that has the in-crowd vibing at the seams.

"Meant to Be" is the debut single release by the raspy, sultry, seductive, LA based singer/songwriter/pianist, Sarah Agajanian. An artist in many forms, Sarah’s passionate lyrics, combined with her ethereal melodies and hypnotic stage presence, will captivate audiences and fans of all ages. “Meant to Be” is an expression of the journey of becoming aware of the voice inside that leads us to our hearts, and is the first song and music video release from Sarah’s upcoming genre defining project, GYPSYWOLF.

Watch the brand new MUSIC VIDEO “MEANT TO BE”:

Download the SINGLE: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/gypsywolf1

The project GYPSYWOLF was born of a fateful moment in Sarah’s life; awakening her to a new beginning and a new perception of life. Stopped in traffic while driving home to Los Angeles on a warm summer night, Sarah gazed up at the bright full moon above her. Her mind wandered, feeling the endless possibilities in the stars. In a blink of an eye, everything changed... A speeding car slammed into her from behind at 65 MPH, sending her into an instant black out. Minutes later she awoke from a dream with no recollection of where she was or what was happening, trapped in a crumpled car with no escape. Flames erupted from the engine, engulfing the car in seconds. Struggling for survival, she knew she couldn’t escape on her own... someone needed to save her. From out of nowhere, a crowbar pried the car door open and a man she had never seen before rescued her from the now blazing inferno. As she watched her car burn to the ground, knowing she could have been inside it, she stared up at the full moon which shined down on her. Her spirit was strangely calm and she was more aware than ever before, that she was alive. Escaping death by mere seconds, her thoughts were clear, “This isn’t the end. I am just beginning. There is too much music and life to be made.” From this point on Sarah knew the name of her project would be “GYPSYWOLF”. The power, the strength, and the purpose filled her heart soul and being, and her message was clear.

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