Friday, September 28, 2012

One-Stage Breast Reconstruction

With National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) approaching, I receive this news to share with you: the new, innovative one-stage breast reconstruction procedure. As seen on “Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers”, this procedure allows one’s breasts to be reconstructed at the time of mastectomy in one single surgery.

Recently named one of Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Lisa Cassileth is able to reconstruct the breasts at the same time which eliminates the risks of multiple surgeries and, more importantly, helps minimize the sense of loss.

Dr. Lisa B. Cassileth is one of the few female plastic surgeons currently practicing in Beverly Hills, California. She brings her patients impeccable surgical techniques, an artist's aesthetic vision, and an essential feminine perspective.

Dr. Cassileth offers a wide range of plastic surgery procedures to enhance and refine the face, breasts and body. She performs leading-edge techniques that achieve exceptional aesthetic results, including SlimLipo and breast implant revision surgery. She also pioneered the Cassileth One-Stage Breast Reconstruction technique, which eliminates the need for multiple surgeries in breast cancer patients undergoing mastectomy. Click here for her C.V.

Setting a New Standard in Breast Cancer Patient Care:

With more women than ever choosing to undergo mastectomy for the treatment or prevention of breast cancer, the desire for a better type of reconstruction has grown. With Dr. Cassileth's innovative technique (which was published in the July 2011 Annals of Plastic Surgery), breasts can be reconstructed at the time of mastectomy in one single surgery, allowing women to awaken from mastectomy surgery with intact breasts, and minimal or no scarring.

She says: "It's exciting and rewarding to provide a new choice for breast cancer patients who are undergoing mastectomy. Reconstructing the breasts at the same time eliminates the risks of multiple surgeries and, more importantly, helps minimize the sense of loss."

The Advantages of Cassileth One-Stage Breast Implant Reconstruction:

- Only one surgery – lowers overall risk, decreases cost, and minimizes discomfort
- Avoids months of painful tissue expansion
- When you wake up from your mastectomy surgery, you will have whole breasts
- The risks are the same or better than traditional tissue expander technique
- Patients enjoy beautiful new breasts that look natural and full

Dr. Cassileth performs over 200 breast reconstructive cases per year, including nipple reconstruction, reconstruction implant revisions, and fat grafting. More than half of those 200 cases are primary breast reconstruction done at the time of the mastectomy.

Click the link to check out the procedure on national television program “Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers” and to see incredible before and after photos, click here.

Additional Treatments:

In addition to surgical techniques, Dr. Cassileth offers her patients a wide range of non-surgical anti-aging treatment options, including Botox®, Juvederm, and laser skin rejuvenation. She also offers patients a preview of their results with the state-of-the-art VECTRA 3-D imaging system.

Why the Technique is Different:

The Current Standard of Care – Two Surgeries

Traditionally, breast reconstruction with implants requires two surgeries: during the first surgery, a mastectomy is performed, and a tissue expander is inserted. Over several months, patients have weekly, painful injections to inflate the expander and stretch the chest muscle. In the second surgery the breast implant is inserted. Patients are often left with disfigured breasts and large, ugly scars.

Dr. Cassileth’s Innovative Procedure – One Surgery

The mastectomy is performed through a small incision (rather than the traditional, long cut across the chest). Using a collagen matrix, Dr. Cassileth then designs and constructs an Internal Bra that will hold and support the breast implant.

Dr. Cassileth’s uniquely designed, hand-tailored Internal Bra enables her to place the implant and create the perfect breast shape and size, all in one surgery. Patients wake up from surgery with beautiful, new breasts. This technique lowers overall risk, decreases cost, and minimizes discomfort.

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