Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hit & Run While at the Supermarket

Someone hit our lovely car, again! :( This time, it was parked while I was running errands with the little one at Superstore. I always go there for grocery shopping. I was only inside the store for 15 minutes, picking up milk and toilet paper. I was lucky to have two wonderful witnesses who provided me the details of the incident as well as the license plate number of the other car. They said they saw an older woman reverse out of her parking spot and hit the back corner of our car.

We had the car fixed not too long ago from a car accident where another driver ran the stop sign and T-boned our car. Few weeks after having the car fixed, had a small scratch from parking in downtown. I didn't know it it was the car who was already parked behind me (didn't get the plate number).

What's with the luck I have these couple months? It's so terrible. Maybe I should install a video camera in the car. haha.

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