Wednesday, June 27, 2012

FilmSkills Safety Program Created to Prevent Film Student Injury

Columbia College Chicago Partners with FilmSkills to Ensure Student Safety

In recent years, dozens of film students have been injured or killed while filming student projects, and in virtually all cases, the accidents could have been avoided. FilmSkills, a transformational educational tool from Focal Press, has launched a completely new Safety First™ Training Course designed to educate and protect film students in a world of increasing risk and liability.

To help protect students from injury, and institutions from liability, an extensive safety training program was built that mirrors the training given to working union entertainment-industry professionals in California. FilmSkills partnered with Harry Box, one of the architects of the California film industry safety training program, and dozens of industry professionals to create a world-class safety training program for use by students and institutions.

Columbia College Chicago ("CCC") is pioneering an innovative new safety program that will require all its incoming Film and Video students to complete Safety Training (and pass tests proving understanding). As one of the leading film schools in the nation, Columbia College Chicago is proving its commitment to student safety by developing a rigorous safety training program.

Typically these union safety programs cost thousands of dollars and are not available to most film students. The new Safety First™ Training Course is extremely affordable at just $14.86 per month per student. Of course, you can't ever put a price on the importance of safety training. But FilmSkills has created a safety training program that aggressively works with school and student budgets.

The FilmSkills Safety First™ Training Program includes the safety practices of electricity, lighting and rigging, working around vehicles, weapons, pyrotechnics, working at heights, studio and location safety, environmental safety, on set safety, and rigging safety. What's more, at no additional cost to students or institutions, the Safety First™ Training Program includes a new assessment feature that allows your faculty or Safety Director to quickly and easily create tests to assess your students' understanding of the Safety First™ Training Course modules.

"What attracted us to the Safety Training videos is that they were made with IATSE, DGA and OSHA input." - Karen Loop, Asst. Professor - Columbia College Chicago

All film school faculty and administrative members are welcome to a free trial subscription to FilmSkills so they can determine if FilmSkills is right for their institution's safety needs, by signing up at www.filmskills.com/faculty.

FilmSkills.com is perfect for anyone trying to learn about the industry and features videos that teach everything from industry relations like Packaging Your Movie, Scheduling the Production, to the technical nitty-gritty like Boom Operating techniques to Cinematography technique. The most recent addition, to the site is an invaluable section on Safety when filmmaking, which should be required watching for every filmmaker, from a first year film student to Clint Eastwood himself.

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