Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Car Accident: We're OK, but The Car Isn't

I must be having a bad day this day with a lot of things that happened. The worst part was the car accident. I was driving with little Brandon and our car was T-boned while driving on a busy street. Car was bad, but importantly we are both OK.

I was taking Brandon out to Brentwood Mall and do my errands at the same time. I was going straight on a busy street (E. 1st Ave.) while the other car was attempting to go straight across from the side street (Windermere). There were two lanes and I was on the left lane going straight eastbound. I had an open lane while the right lane was backed up. Cars probably heading to the highway turn-off ahead. What happened was the cars on that other lane was stopped and the car that was "at fault" assumed that I would stop too. That was stupid! She should've waited for me to pass first before she could go. She's the one who had the stop sign.

My husband's car was entirely scraped and dented on the driver's side, including both the doors and both the nice white rims. Ooh, it just breaks my heart to see such a nice car in such a bad shape! I pulled over to the side on the island where the grassy part is so I won't be in the way of traffic. Anyways, a nice man, who was just a bystander, stopped to check we were ok. Also people at the corner house came out to help out.

The tow truck came by to tow my car away. Can't really drive it because the fender was bent too close to the front wheel.

Yep, still pissed off... I forgot to take a photo of the damage because my mind was boggled about the whole incident and didn't thought about it (even though I had my camera in my purse). We'll get a snapshot at the estimating facility maybe.

Other weird things that happened: Earlier in the day while having lunch with little Brandon and Hubby, I found a bug in the noodle soup (probably came from the vegetables). We notified the waitress. Then, on the way back home, an ugly beetle bug must've flew into the car window and bit me in the neck. I kinda screamed because it was so disgusting. It did hurt and stung a bit.

And yesterday, I took Brandon to the movie theatre to see Madagascar 3 with my aunt and cousin. We forgot about Brandon's die-cast cars that was left in the cup-holder in the theatre! :(

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  1. Sorry to hear about the road accident. They can happen in an instant. Good thing you and Brandon were safe and sound. It’s such a shame that you did not get a picture of the accident. It would have come in handy if you want to ask for an accident claim. Nonetheless, I hope turns out for the better.
    @Guy Chambliss

  2. You made a good and detailed description of the accident there. But I agree with Guy here. Taking a picture can be beneficial if you want to get an accident claim, and more so if the situation got out of hand and ended in court. Well, good thing that you and Brandon are safe after the accident.

    @Javier Hoppes

  3. It is very common that in car accident, car can get lots of damages and it can be had huge cost to repair that car. In this situation, insurance can be very helpful.

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  4. So what happened after the accident? Have you settled in court with the other party? I think you can get a good sum of compensation for it. I do hope you captured some pictures of what happened with the car. Like what Guy said, it would certainly help strengthen your case in order to get the claim if the accident ended up in court. The compensation can be handy for the bills of your husband’s car repair.

    Ethan Rehman

  5. Good to know that you and Brandon were okay after the accident, but I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s car. You probably should’ve taken some picture of what happened for legal and insurance purposes. It was good that someone checked up on you, as safety really is the number one priority, especially when there are kids involved. I hope it does not happen again. Just take care and do be more careful when driving, ok? Especially of other drivers, sometimes being careful on your own isn’t enough.

    Penelope Worrall

  6. It’s a good thing that nobody was hurt in the accident. What happened to your car was quite unfortunate, but we should still be thankful that your family was left unharmed. You were fortunate that there were a lot of people who helped. As what Penelope stated, you should have taken photographs of your car. Even a mobile phone camera would do. The photographs will serve as the best evidence that you can have against the opposing party. It will serve as the basis of your compensation for the damages you incurred.

    Collin Deck

  7. Hi Jennie I'm just a newbie in your blog and I realy loved it. I'm also into desinging. Well about the accident that happened to you I know it too late for me to react but it's nice that you did not get Whiplash.

  8. Good to hear that you didn't suffer any road traffic accident injury..Don't worry about the car, the most important thing is you're 100% ok..

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  10. I feel very sad by reading about your car accident and I hope that you will be alright. I also hope that you have insurance for your car so you can now compensate the loss from accident.
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