Friday, June 1, 2012

10 Totally Surprising Celebrity School Superlatives

Sometimes a kid just has that "it," and everyone knows he's going to make the big time. There are those lucky few who never had an awkward phase, or who were always blowing people away with their talent at a young age. For these people who are now celebrities, it's no big shock to hear they were named "most handsome" or "most likely to succeed" in their high school yearbook. But sometimes the personas we associate with certain celebrities were yet to be recognized in their school days.

Michael Jackson named "shyest" in school? He is also listed in the yearbook as "Best Dressed" and "Most Creative," but no real surprises there. How about Tom Cruise listed as "Least Likely to Succeed"?

Find out more on the 10 celebrities who were dubbed with surprising superlatives by their schoolmates.

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