Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter Time Beauty Tips from Women's Health Magazine

Beauty Highlights from the January/February 2012 Issue of
Women's Health Magazine

(Available On Newsstands Nationwide December 27, 2011)

COVER STAR: MARISA MILLER, page 36: Model and actress Marisa Miller graces the January/February cover of Women’s Health and spills her secrets on maintaining amazing abs, looking fabulous in every photo, and keeping your love bond strong.

THE HEALTHIEST CITIES FOR WOMEN, page 82: Women’s Health scoured the country and found the top 10 cities where the fittest and happiest women in the U.S. call home. See if your address falls into one of the top 10 (the list might surprise you!) or if your neighborhood can borrow from their lifestyle playbook to join the ranks next year.

SLIM, CALM, SEXY FOODS, page 88: The key to beating stress, revving your sex drive, and staying svelte is packing your plate with nutritionally powerful and healing eats. Women’s Health contributor Keri Glassman tells you what to eat to feel slim, calm and sexy.

NEW YEAR, NEW YOU, page 130: Jump-start your fittest and healthiest year yet by following this 3-month get-fit routine from Chris Powell, the trainer of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.

FATTEN UP YOUR WALLET, page 117: Women’s Health provides tips on what it takes to negotiate your way to a bigger paycheck and deeper discounts.

BRAIN STORM, page 146: More and more young women are suffering strokes, and doctors often miss the red flags—until it’s too late. Women’s Health investigates the reasons for the alarming uptick and reveals the signs that danger could be near.

WINTER BLUES BUMMING YOU OUT, page 72: Gloomy days and cold weather can send your spirits diving, along with your libido, hormones and metabolism. Women’s Health has some quick tricks to get your well-being back on track.

WHEN YOUR BODY ATTACKS ITSELF, page 78: Feeling off and just can’t shake it? Being sick and tired 24/7 is a sign that your body is trying to tell you something. Women’s Health helps you identify whether you are one of the 30 million women whose immune systems are on the brink.

SHARPEN-YOUR-MIND GAMES, page 120: Use this mental fitness plan from Women’s Health to boost memory, amp creativity, and fine-tune focus.

LITTLE RISKS, BIG REWARDS, page 142: No need to go to lengths to update your look – follow these tips to add the wow-factor to your already fabulous style.

SMOOTH IT OVER, page 41: When winter strikes, so does dry skin. Scaly skin can affect you from your face to your feet, leaving you feel dull. Women’s Health shows you how to slough away the dry stuff to reveal your supple skin underneath.

WAKE UP CALL, page 46: Need more sleep? Don’t let your appearance show it. Combat the telltale signs of being tired by learning how to banish dark circles, eye puffiness and lackluster skin in these morning time tips.

HIT LIKE A GIRL, page 59: Boxing isn’t just for the boys anymore. Women’s boxing will make its debut in the 2012 Olympics Acne marking equality in sports for the first time in the summer games. Women’s Health shows you how to pack a punch with the best of them and get fit in the boxing ring.

PUMP UP YOUR YOGA PRACTICE, page 64: The newest power couple in fitness? Yoga AND weight lifting! Strengthen your mind and body with this 15 minute workout made of powerful poses with weightlifting moves to pack more for your punch.

AMAZING SEX SECRETS, page 114: Romantic mishaps seriously ruin the mood. Get your sexy back with a few fixes to help these intimate blunders.

THE POWER OF RED, page 122: Need to look like you have it all together when you don’t? Then wear red. This powerful hue will make you stand out, in all the right ways. Check out Women Health’s fresh ways to wear the season’s most potent color.

Disclosure: I did not receive any products nor was paid for this post. I was provided info from the PR firm to share. Any expressed opinions are my own and personal thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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