Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How Smokers Can Keep Their Healthy New Years Resolutions this Year

In the new year, many people make resolutions. According to WebMd, 76% of smokers want to quit smoking, but many do not know how. The habit goes beyond just the nicotine- there is also an oral fixation involved in smoking.

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes are a revolutionary new alternative to cigarettes that provides an authentic smoking experience without the harmful smoke, tar, carbon monoxide, or foul odors. Smoking fills your lungs with harmful chemicals and endangers people around you with second hand smoke. V2 Cigs use an odorless vapor that allows the user the sensation of smoking a cigarette, without inhaling many of the dangerous chemicals in cigarettes. Since V2 Cigs release a refreshing vapor instead of smoke, they can be used in many no smoking areas including restaurants, bars, airports and workplaces. V2 Cigs are rechargeable and leave behind no ash or butts.

V2 electronic cigarettes use technology to electrically vaporize the nicotine. Just because it feels like smoking, doesn't mean it is. You get the same sensation of filling your lungs, and the nicotine; but with V2 your lungs can feel the difference.

Not only will you be cutting out the smoke, but you'll also be cutting the fat from your budget. Vaporizing your nicotine with V2 will cost you a fraction of what you're currently spending on tobacco cigarettes.

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