Sunday, January 8, 2012

The New Plastic $100 Canadian Bill

The polymer-based Canadian $100 bill was just released in mid-November 2011. It is supposedly more durable and counterfeit-proof with the holographic elements and security features. There are two transparent windows on the bill: one that extends from top to bottom (slightly off the middle) with holographic images and the other with the shape of a maple leaf just above the number 100.

I thought it was pretty neat. It reminds me of the same material of the new birth certificates I registered my little one for. I think the plastic bills feels thinner and lighter than the paper bills.

Here's a plastic $100 bill I am holding.

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  1. wow, I hadn't seen this before! looks cool

  2. My MIL gave us a couple for Christmas. I thought they were very cool, and they spend easy. lol!

  3. My dad was just telling me about this the other day! I really want to see one up close. I think would be really cool but also a bit odd as I'm used to "regular" bills.

  4. I must be behind on the times, I've never heard of this new bill before now! It looks interesting, I'll be interested in holding one to see how it feels.

    I typically hate when I have a $100 or $50 bill because I get nervous about which places will accept them and which won't -- though I know, many more places probably DO accept them than I think in my head, haha.

  5. Love these bills. So cool! Has a weird feeling to it. A different look as well.

  6. shoulda had this ages ago.
    Australia has had it for years already.