Monday, November 21, 2016

ROBORanger - The First of its Kind Personal Safety Device

ROBOCOPP had recently introduced the ROBORanger, a revolutionary way to get professional emergency response in a dangerous situation. Basically, it has an added emergency response to the already tiny alarm. When you pull the pin, it sounds the alarm AND it alerts police with your location, as well as sends a text alert to friends and family (without relying on your phone).

ROBOCOPP’s new invention is the first completely stand-alone, connected personal safety device with a built-in 130 decibel alarm. According to ROBOCOPP™ PR Director Jill Turner, “Research shows alarms are the best possible deterrent when it comes to crime prevention. In fact, one rigorous academic study documents that 68% of criminals leave a scene completely empty-handed when an alarm is activated. If we can decrease the risk of a mugging or kidnapping by 68%, we are on the right track.”

The cool looking gadget is the first safety device ever made to include a deafening alarm that has been proven to deter criminals, attract attention, and is equipped with a dependable standalone connection to a state-of-the-art 24/7 security dispatch center. Unlike other safety devices, the ROBORanger™ does not rely on connectivity to a smartphone. This innovative patent-pending technology makes the device fail-proof against battery drainage or an out of range smartphone. “It will work like magic! With one simple motion, 911 is alerted and a professional rescue team is now looking for you. You get both the prevention and response” said Dr. Shubhankar Basu, ROBOCOPP’s Co-founder and Technical Adviser. Additionally, this device respects individual privacy since it DOES NOT TRACK the user. The location is securely encrypted and only released once the user activates a distress signal.

"We are thrilled to make a contribution to the world of personal safety technology. Some tech columnists wrote that this is perhaps the most significant invention of 2016, and I have to say I agree with that statement. We sometimes forget that out of 7 billion people alive today, only 1.5 billion have smartphones" said Sam Mansen, ROBOCOPP™ CEO. "People put alarms on their homes and cars, but not themselves or their children. Why not? Life is much more valuable, I think."

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, ROBOCOPP™ has partnered with Amazon Launchpad, the by-invitation-only platform for innovative inventions, and propellant technologies. This online marketplace created by Amazon allows consumers to take advantage of special promotional pre-order pricing on ROBOCOPP™ products, significantly advantageous compared to retail price tags.

Also starting today, customers in the U.S. can access ROBOCOPP’s legendary Kickstarter campaign, bursting with some very attractive perks, like a lifetime of free data and upgrades. The campaign is well under way with over 50% funding in just under 24 hours. While the campaign is currently only open to U.S. customers, thousands of international browsers have expressed the unsatisfied need for this device in their respective countries.


ROBOCOPP™ designs and manufactures the best personal safety devices in the world. ROBOCOPP™ began originally by building the simple and affordable SOS device called the “Sound Grenade.” It was deemed the World’s Smallest SOS Alarm after receiving national recognition on the
Today Show as Kathie Lee approved “that’s a great, great idea!” Now the ROBORanger™ is reinventing the world of IoT by intersecting connectivity with personal safety as they launch, appropriately, the World’s S martest SOS Alarm.

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