Monday, November 21, 2016

DanceBody@Home: Access to Dance-Inspired Fitness Experience Anywhere

I have to admit that I have become less motivated to get out and run or exercise now that it's getting cold outside. If you're feeling lazy to get out like me, you can always try working out at home. I was recently introduced to DanceBody@Home.

What is DanceBody? It is a new dance-inspired fitness experience founded by Katia Pryce. The company's streaming platform allows access to videos of hundreds of DanceBody classes for a flat monthly fee. Accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere, the platform features high quality footage of real studio classes. Videos can be watched on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

DanceBody classes have been taking place to-date at locations on the Upper East Side, Union Square, Noho, Tribeca, Miami and the Hamptons, with current devotees - and fitness lovers who can't wait for their own DanceBody experience – are clamoring for more.

I received a 2-week trial to try. The instructors are easy to follow I find that the moves are pretty fun!  I'd recommend you guys/gals to try it out! Visit this link at https://app.dancebody.com/register2?plan=trial2 and purchase a heavily discounted trial 2 weeks for just $14.99.

Almost every class includes a cardio AND sculpt component. You will also find shorter length videos if you need a quick workout, individual breakdowns of cardio routines, and one-on-one videos with Katia and other DanceBody trainers.

To begin, you can search our videos by instructor, length of workout, type of class, and level.
  • Breakdown (LEVEL I): These videos are a great way to learn each step and absorb the DanceBody technique. Through repetition and truly breaking down the movements, you will get comfortable with our style—without the pressure of fast, tricky choreography. Breakdown preps you to get real results, and enter our Open (Level II) classes.
  • Open (LEVEL II): An intense dance cardio workout, this class mixes repetitive choreography with a finale of full body sculpting on the mat. Open includes mashed up versions of our full-length dances seen in Full Out (Level III) classes. For newbies, the Open class can be fun and challenging. For DanceBody regulars, this is your chance to shine.
  • Full Out (LEVEL III): Building on the Open class, Full Out is just that: non-stop choreography capped off with serious sculpting. In Full Out, we will dive into quick footwork, testing your concentration and fitness level. If you don’t hit every move, you'll be having too much fun to notice!
  • Master (LEVEL IV): This is THE DanceBody class: this whip-fast, booty-shaking, hip-hopping, thigh-slimming, fat-torching class led by Master Trainers only! To get here, you will have tried several Open and Full Out classes, and are ready for a real challenge. This is the highest, post-grad DanceBody level—one that will challenge your mind and change your body. Guaranteed.
  • Sculpt (ALL LEVELS): Sculpt focuses on elongating and strengthening the muscles in your arms, legs, and core (and all those smaller, hard to reach, muscles in between!). Our sculpt exercises refine your hips, lift your butt, and whittle your abs, all while moving in time to music. By activating your smaller, underused muscles (that dancers utilize effortlessly), we tighten your entire body. To help achieve this, we use light free weights (2-3 lbs), wrist/ankle weights (1-1.5 lbs), and resistance bands (light to medium resistance). There is no high impact cardio involved in this class; however, we will still get your heart rate up.

The philosophy behind DanceBody is to refine a client’s body to resemble the physique of a dancer – even if he or she has never danced before. DanceBody offers feel-good motivation and training designed to empower and support the mind. Through well-rounded, full-body workouts and easy to follow classes set to energetic music, each dance is choreographed from a dancer's brain through an athlete's body.

Disclosure: I received a 2-week free trial program in exchange of my honest review in this post. Any expressed opinions are my own and personal thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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