Friday, April 1, 2016

Disneyland Theme Park Experience

This is our DAY 2 and DAY 3 of our Disneyland Adventures. We planned two full days visit for the Disneyland Park and only one day at California Adventure. Disneyland is much bigger. The theme parks are busy all the time and everyday there's a lot of people from all over the country/world who visit. If you purchase 3+ day theme park ticket in advance, you get the Magic Morning which gives you access one-hour early access before the park opens to the general public on selected days. It is only available to the Disneyland Park on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday.

Check out these awesome tips from DisneyMoms if you need help planning your upcoming Disney Vacation: https://disneyparksmomspanel.disney.go.com/

Our Story: We worked our way up following the map. When we went inside, we spotted Minnie Mouse and waited in line for the photo op.

Here's a tip about the PHOTO PASS: The card can be used to collect all your photos from any of the Photo Pass Photographers. We were told that if you have a lot of photos taken in one day, you can purchase all of the digital files at a discounted price. It's a good deal, but we didn't pay for them. I brought my own DSLR camera with me. The downside is that there is no way of getting printscreen or hidden link to get photos without the watermark. Some of the photos I was able to edit out the watermarks with my Photoshop skills.

We worked our way towards Adventure Land and found Genie and Jasmine.

Then we continued our way to get the "Fast Pass" for Splash Mountain. We saw a long line up already so it must be very popular. Splash Mountain was so much fun so we did that twice on each day. I do notice that with the older group of people, they seemed more frightened on the ride while the younger group like us are loving the thrill of it. We got soaked but our clothes dried fast in the sunshine.

More photo ops this time with Pooh Bear, Tigger, and Eeyore afterwards. It was just outside the Splash Mountain exit.

We took breaks and walked around and more rides. That was the whole morning and afternoon spent. We were getting exhausted. Tomorrowland was the last place before heading out to Downtown Disney to have dinner.

Marvel Comics and Starwars are all in Tomorrowland. There's lot of neat things to see like the 3D rides and photo ops with the Marvel characters, as well as the Iron Man virtual experience where you get to be Iron Man and you can see on the screen that it mimics your movements.

There were fireworks every night at 9:30pm. We didn't go back to see it and didn't want to get shoved in the crowed, so we saw the fireworks from our hotel.


So the next morning (which was our final day at Disneyland Park), we went straight to Toon Town to get a photo op with Mickey Mouse. We still had yet to explore the right side and north areas of Disneyland. Like I mentioned before, you won't be able to get through the entire Disneyland in one day without rushing everything.

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