Friday, December 11, 2015

Holiday Craft: Making Snowman Dolls Using Mittens

Here is a fun holiday craft that you and your family can make this year. Kids will love them too. I've made little snowman dolls using mittens. You can use old mittens and make something new out of it or find them from the dollar stores.

Let's get started!


* Mittens
* Styrofoam balls
* Rice
* Elastic bands
* Skewer Sticks or toothpicks
* Acrylic paint (white or light beige)
* Permanent markers
* Buttons
* Fabric scraps
* Cotton
* Hot Glue Gun

STEP 1: Stick the skewer into the styrofoam ball. Paint the styrofoam ball with the choice of your color. For mine's, I used a light beige color. We do this part first so we can give the paint some time to dry.

STEP 2: Fill the mitt with rice about 1/2" high from the bottom.

STEP 3: Fill the mitt with cotton all the way to the top. Don't forget to fill in the thumb part with cotton as well. Wrap the elastic around the top and fold down the mitt's opening to form a turtle neck.

STEP 4: Cut a strip of fabric to make a scarf. Also cut a square piece of fabric to make the hat. Fold the hat in a triangular shape and tuck the corners in to place over the ball (head). Use the hot glue gun to glue the edges of the fabric. I used a smaller styrofoam ball with sparkles to place on the tip of the hat and let it flop down. Glue it down to make it stay.

STEP 5: Once the paint on the styrofoam ball is dried, put glue around the neck area of the mitt and stick on the head.

STEP 6: Then put glue around the bottom of the hat and stick it over the head. Use markers to draw the face. Glue the buttons on their clothes and feel free to add any other decorations you like.

These make cute decorations over the fireplace, around the Christmas tree, or anywhere around the house. These also make great gifts for family and friends.

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