Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Scion Releases Behind-the-Scenes Video + Interview with James Franco

Who Is The Real James Franco: Prince Paul Goes Behind The Scenes & Interviews James Franco About Being James Franco & His New Scion Commercials

James Franco goes back and forth with hip hop luminary Prince Paul

A candid conversation mixed with behind the scenes footage of his new TV spot for Scion

Actor/artist/poet/singer opens up about all the facets of his life from cat art in the desert to his band Daddy

Scion recently tapped all around good dude and Renaissance man James Franco to act in some very James Franco like style car commercials for the new Scion iA and iM. Today Scion AV, the cultural hub of the Scion brand, releases this charming stripped down video interview with James plus thrown in for fun some behind the scenes footage of James being James during the commercial shoot. Bonus for the hip hops fans, legendary Prince Paul, host of the Scion AV's The All Purpose Show, interviews James in what can only be described as the perfect odd couple way. The two gentlemen hit it off from the start and from there its yucks mixed with Franco-isms. Franco fan will enjoy the ride as the two gentlemen aimlessly meander question to question in this amusing chat that dares to ask the unanswerable, who is the real James Franco?

We all know the many facets of James Franco: actor, writer, soon to be teacher, artist, comedian… With as many different types of personalities that make Franco up, we pulled his acting and artistic sides aside to put him behind the wheel of our all-new 2016 Scion iA and iM vehicles.

Stay tuned to Scionav.com for more awesome hanging out with James Franco.

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