Sunday, September 20, 2015

Neighborhood Small Grants: Seniors Community Kitchen Workshop 1 [Recap]

Cooking can be fun (sometimes) and most of us learn much better from hands-on experience rather than just look through recipe books. Photos also help by providing us a visual of how the dish should turn out. Cooking may seem easy, but I think it's the preparation that takes most of the time, especially when I'm preparing it all on my own at home .

Last week on Monday, September 14th, I had the opportunity to watch the seniors prepare some of the popular Asian dishes at the Seniors Community Kitchen Cooking Workshop from the kitchen at Frog Hollow Neighborhood House. This workshop was funded by the Vancouver Foundation Neighborhood Small Grants. This is the first session out of 2 workshops. Click HERE to see recap of session 2 Seniors Community Kitchen Workshop.

Some of the dishes they made were Char Siu (Chinese style BBQ pork), a vegetarian dish, slow cook beef and daikon, tapioca dessert, and red bean paste filled rice ball dessert.

The pork was marinated overnight and then placed in large tray, ready to be baked in the oven.

The vegetarian dish was made with siu choy (Chinese cabbage), cloud ears (a type if fungus/mushroom), and golden needle vegetable (aka dried lily buds). What's interesting was seeing how the "golden needle" vegetables were washed and then individually put into knots. This gave the dish a nice presentation, but a lot of work.

The slow-cooked beef and daikon dish was easy to make. The daikon radish and meat were cut into cubes. Add some ginger, spice, and let simmer for about an hour. You can see (below) the sauce from the radish and meat.

The tapioca dessert is like a warm sweet soup made with tapioca, coconut milk, and chopped taro root. This was my favorite!

And here is the making of the red bean paste filled rice balls, covered with coconut flakes. First, the rice gluten was steamed after mixing the rice flour with water and coconut milk. Then scoop about a spoonful, flattened, and fill it with red bean paste. The red bean paste comes in a package. These women rolled them into balls so it is easier to place inside the rice gluten.

[Full gallery can be viewed on my Flickr album here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskk6C5S5]

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