Friday, September 25, 2015

Rest In Peace Momo (Our Beloved Cat)

May 11, 2005 ~ September 25, 2015

It was a sad day for me and our family. Our beloved cat, Momo, had passed away this Friday morning of September 25, 3015. I was the worst one as I was the one who couldn't stop crying.

What happened was when we noticed Momo hasn't been eating his food for the past couple days, so I took him to the vet. Momo wasn't showing any symptoms of illness before he stopped eating. He seemed healthy and happy like any other days. He loves company and comes over when called. Also, Momo seemed to be losing some fur and sleeping all overall different parts of the house (which is kinda unusual). That is when we had to take him to the vet for check up. Here's a snapshot of Momo sleeping on me while I napped on the couch just few days before he died.

The vet did a physical check and did an x-ray. He explained the constipation inside Momo and got a pee sample when Momo peed on the examination table. The vet found blood in the urine and also pointed out that the x-ray looked like it showed some kind of tumour in one of his kidneys.

The X-ray showed somewhere in his internal looked like a tumour.  I left him with the vet at the animal hospital for further examination and blood tests. The doctors were planning to help give Momo some hydration and prescribe some medication.

No too long later, the vet called me and asked me to drop by the hospital right away. Momo was in critical condition and he might not be able to make it.  This was when the vet was getting Momo out of the kennel and realized it was getting weaker. Maybe he got too stressed at the pet hospital.

When I got there to see Momo with my dad, it laid still and did not move at all. It's eyes were still open, but was already gone. Momo had passed away. I started to cry. 

We went home and waited for hubby to get home from work and after picking up our son from school. All of us went together to the animal hospital to see Momo one last time before we decided what happens next.

We will have Momo cremated and have a paw impression to remember him.

Baby Momo at 2 months old:

Baby Momo at 4 months old:

Momo was an indoor cat and he was 10 years old. He grew up with us since he was just a kitten. He loved to keep you company and loved to cuddle. We will miss you very much, Momo!

May 11, 2005 ~ September 25, 2015

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  1. Oh No! That is a tough one and I am so sorry for you all. Having a kitten, puppy and a grown cat, I understand how they are our family. Prayers for you all!