Monday, January 12, 2015

Quick Tips for Redecorating on a Budget

By Jane Blanchard

After years in your home, your decor may begin to feel tired and stale. If you want to refresh your living space, you don't need to spend hours of time or hundreds of dollars to update your home's decorations. With a few creative ideas, you can redefine the interior of your home.

Rearrange Your Decorations

Sometimes, you don't need to purchase more pieces to change your style. Rotating some items between the rooms in your house can add a fresh look to your home. If you try to keep cohesive themes within your rooms, shuffling in a few contrasting pieces from other rooms can inject new life into your decorations. You can also change the elevation of your pieces for a new look; for example, if you usually display your picture frames on a table, consider hanging them on the wall. Click here for more tips for rearranging your decor.

Buy Changeable Pieces

Investing in a small collection of adjustable pieces is a good way to get plenty of mileage for your decorating budget. You can completely change the look of a vase by filling it with a new flower arrangement. You can change your picture frames with new pictures or artwork to get a completely new look. A digital picture frame is an especially good way to bring interesting and surprising changes to your decor.

Remove Clutter

Decluttering your house is a quick way to freshen your living space. In addition, a clear view can draw attention to your existing decorations instead of the messy pile of mail and receipts. If you have trouble minimizing your clutter, invest in some inexpensive storage trays and boxes. You can even use paint or wallpaper to decorate your storage items and make them part of your decorating plan. As you clean your home, you may even find some old and forgotten decorations.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are inexpensive tools to make your rooms look bigger and elegant. Shop at vintage and thrift stores to find attractive mirrors for your home. Hang a mirror on the wall behind an end table to create an attractive centerpiece.

Add New Lighting

New lighting can help brighten up your home and add a warm atmosphere to your home's current look. If you have an old lamp, consider refreshing it with a new lampshade; to completely customize the look, use spray paint to decorate the shade. You can also use decorative lighting, such as string lighting, to add fancy flair to your rooms. Look for deals on white string lighting after Christmas to save money on your lighting.

Use Your Own Art

Displaying your own works of art is a great way to add a personal touch to your decorating style. If you like to work with paint, try making a colorful piece that will blend with your other decor items. You can also make artwork with other materials, including wood and clay. Making art isn't for everyone, however. If you don't want to subject your visitors to your finger paint drawings, consider making use of your own photographs. Adding a series of framed photographs to a wall is a great way to add art to your home.

Redecorating can be fun but it does not have to burn a hole in your pocket. For more decorating and home ideas check out Modernize.com.

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