Friday, January 16, 2015

Popcorn, Indiana is So Delicious

Cold winter nights are upon us, and what better way to spend an evening in, than with a good movie and some piping hot popcorn. Ever tried Popcorn, Indiana's Original Movie Theatre Popcorn? It comes in a new "warm-up" package/bag, Ready-To-Eat. The bag is microwave safe so you can enjoy the ultimate movie experience right in the comfort of your home.

We finally had a movie night with the kids at home and enjoyed the popcorn together. It was so delicious that we just couldn't stop. I don't have to worry about microwaving my own and burning them. Popcorn, Indiana gives us perfect popcorn in every bag. The bag of popcorn is evenly salted with sea salt and lightly added butter/canola oil for the flavor.  And none of the leftover "unpopped" corn.

The magic is in the bag! Simply make a tear in the bag where indicated, and place the ready-popped gourmet popcorn in the microwave to warm. In 50 seconds you will have piping hot, crunchy, fresh theatre-style popcorn at home.

Unlike traditional microwave popcorn, Popcorn, Indiana popcorn is made from non-GMO corn, without added preservatives, colourings or artificial flavours. Natural, fresh and warm crunchy popcorn you can feel good about eating and serving your family, is what you get with Warm Your Corn – Original Movie Theatre popcorn.

I also had the chance to try "Fit Popcorn". This is great for those who are watching calories and still want to enjoy popcorn. it  has all the taste and crunch you crave, nothing artificial, and... (here comes the beset part) ...only 40 calories per cup! It's all natural, gluten free, whole grain, zero trans fat, and lightly flavored sea salt and olive oil.  This makes a great snack. Again, no worries about all the "unpopped" corn at the bottom of the bowl.

It's so tasty and addicting. I had to have seconds!

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned products from the PR Firm/Company in exchange of my honest review in this post. Any expressed opinions are my own and personal thoughts and may differ from those of other consumers.

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