Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cinderella: An East Van Panto Musical Play {Review}

Thanks to Frog Hollow Neighborhood House and Kids Upfront, some of us and our kids had a chance to watch a fun comedy musical play called "Cinderella: An East Van Panto" presented by The Cultch and Theatre Replacement (Vancouver).  This pantomine was quite a hit! The show was performed at the York Theatre and ran from December 3-23, 2014. I'm sure you know the story of Cinderella. This musical play had a little remix based on the Vancouver-storyline and the writer (Charles Demers) made it pretty interesting and entertaining. There's even a parody version of popular songs by Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and more. The lyrics are hilarious!

Josh Drebit (stepsister), Donna Soares (Cinder Ella), Allan Zinyk (stepmother), James Long (stepsister). Photo credit: Emily Cooper

Our family went early after dinner in case there was limited parking. We made it with lots of parking spots along the streets in front of the theatre. As we waited inside the lobby, more and more people showed up. Some of our friends got separated from us as our seats were on the balcony and they were at the bottom. Not sure why because we reserved our tickets at the same time.

Our 6-year-old really enjoyed it. It's silly and funny for all of us. He even stood up and danced along with the cast in the finale ending. It was fun seeing the actors impersonating the story characters or famous people, but giving them a different name: like Donald Trump (Ronald Grump), Cinderella (Cinder Ella, a nickname given to her while she was cleaning and cinders were all over her), and Fairy Godmother (BC Ferry Godmother).

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