Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The World's Fastest Smartphone Battery Charging Case

INOVA|8 doubles your battery life and gives you 8 hours of battery power in 8 minutes. Works with iPhone 5/5S/6 and Samsung Galaxy S5!

Technology like this is hard to imagine, until now. If you're tech savvy like me who always uses their smartphone everywhere they go, this is a great battery charging case you might consider having. Introducing the INOVA|8. It is the fastest smartphone battery charging case ever made.

Our on-the-go lifestyle and need to be constantly connected means that you are probably wasting precious time constantly connecting your iPhone or Samsung to a power plug. With the INOVA|8, you will never have to worry about running out of power again. If you are on the run and have only a minute, you can now charge your INOVA|8 case for 1 minute and gain about 1 hour of typical smartphone usage. And if you have 8 minutes, you get 8 hours of smartphone usage, just about the same time it takes to fill up your car with gas!

8 Hours of usage The ultra-fast INOVA|8's powerful 1800 mAh battery will give you 8 or more hours of typical smartphone use with an 8 minute charge. More time, more fun!

Innovative power jack - Two of the most common complaints from users of typical battery cases are that the USB port at the bottom of the case is fragile and that the USB connections are constantly breaking down. With the INOVA | 8, you are able to easily charge your smartphone without ever having to worry about those undependable USB connections again.

Unobstructed speaker ports -  Unlike most battery cases, the INOVA | 8's sleek and innovative design does not block high quality sound emanating from the smartphone's speakers.

Stands on its side - Beautifully designed to stand firmly on its side. Now you can watch your videos on the fly with comfort and ease.

Made of high grade materials for superior protection - INOVA|8 uses the same time-tested polymers as those used on smartphones themselves, protecting your smartphone with impact resistant strength from materials of the highest quality. If dropped, the force of impact is distributed along the bottom ellipse (like the supporting arches of a bridge) and not directly into your phone.

Ergonomically Designed -  The bottom of the ellipse is beveled, allowing your thumb to be closer to the screen for easier reach and navigation on the screen.

Charge Level Indicator - When the INOVA|8 battery is charging, the blue LED on the lower left corner of the case blinks. The slower the blink rate, the higher the charge level. When the battery is at full charge, the lit LED stops blinking.

EASY IN, EASY OUT -  In the INOVA|8, the tolerances between the case and the smartphone are extremely tight, allowing your smartphone to slide smoothly in and out of the sleek uni-body case without sacrificing a snug fit for excellent protection.


TheINOVA|8 uses a unique and innovative patented (pending) combination of a lithium-polymer battery and an electronic circuit that fit compactly in the back of the battery case. A small 35W power supply is added to this combination, which allows the INOVA|8 to achieve full charge in minutes instead of hours. INOVA is currently offered for pre-order on Kickstarter. Early birds can get it for $79.

INOVA brings together a team of experts whose diverse skills and experience perfectly complement one another. We are thrilled to be working on this truly revolutionary smartphone case, one that - through its unique use of converging technologies - recharges dramatically faster than any other case on the market. We believe that the INOVA|8 will alter forever the mobile experience of everyone who depends on the smartphone for business, information and communication. For more information about the INOVA team, visit www.powermymobile.com.

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  1. Hi Jen - interesting product. Did you pre-order one? Just interested