Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mycestro: A Wearable Wireless Mouse

Mycestro is the only wearable mouse that lets users control a variety of devices wirelessly through hand gestures.. It is worn on the finger and is operated with the thumb and hand/wrist movements. At the same time, you can type or write wile still wearing your Mycestro. This pairs securly and uniquely to its Bluetooth Low Energy dongle, allowing multiple Mycestros to work side-by-side.


  • Wireless connection to a computer, tablet or other device
  • Plug and play ready with Windows, Apple and Adroid operating systems
  • Compact, lightweight design that does not interfere with a user's typing or writing
  • Charges in 3 hours and works for up to 3 days of typical use
  • PC control app adjusts Mycestro sensitivity and applies firmware updates
  • Great for presentations wtih a range of 30 feet
  • Does not requre a flat surface
  • Unrestricted to physical surfaces, making it ideal for airplanes, crowded meetings, server rooms and hospitals

How it works (3 easy steps):

1) Plug the dongle into a USB port on your device
2) Pair your Mycestro to the dongle.
3) Begin using your Mycestro!

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