Thursday, June 25, 2015

MaddaFella Key West Clothing and Lifestyle

It's finally summer and it's time to take out the summer apparel that's been sitting behind your closet. As I was cleaning out old clothing, I realized hubby's wardrobe needed a new update and maybe a new look. I was recently introduced to MaddaFella and browsed through their online shop. They have some great clothing with nice designs and vibrant colors. I think I should tell my hubby to check it out.

Browse through the online store to see a variety of designs from T-shirts, Shorts, Polo's, swim trunks, accessories and more. Looks like they have the perfect clothing for all day comfortable wear offshore and all night on the town.


MaddaFella.com originated from the beautiful surroundings of Key West Florida. We've played, lived and fished in this area on and off for the past decade...and have been impressed with the good nature of the people, the thriving art and creative communities, the water...and all that comes with that gorgeous, endless playground, and the vibrant colors...particularly as the sun sets in the west.

Madda Fella is Caribbean slang used to express surprise or astonishment. It’s that moment when a trophy fish bites so hard you almost fall out of the boat. It’s that instant when your seaplane hits the water and you’re suddenly floating on endless blue. Madda Fella is all about the unpredictable excitement of Key West adventure, and the namesake and inspiration of our brand.

WHERE TO BUY: MaddaFella Clothing is available for purchase through their online shop. The company ships throughout US and Canada via via UPS or USPS.

Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with eAccountable. Any expressed opinions are my own and personal thoughts. I did not receive any products, but I received some compensation.

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