Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Galacticon Comes to Seattle with Full Lineup of Celebrity Guests

Landing at the Seattle Center July 31st through August 2nd, the fourth ever Galacticon seeks to bring together fans from across the sci-fi and fantasy worlds for an interactive experience celebrating the legacy of beloved television shows.

Rex Mundi Productions is pleased to announce Galacticon 4, an immersive experience for fans of Battlestar Galactica, science fiction, and fantasy. Galacticon promises the excitement of a large-scale convention, but maintains the intimacy of a smaller event for a fully interactive weekend of fandom. Taking place for the first time in the Pacific Northwest, this year’s Galacticon reunites the cast of both the original and re-imagined Battlestar series. A similarly impressive roster of celebrity guests will represent other favorite microcosms from Firefly, Star Trek, Mortal Kombat, and Farscape. Most exciting of all, fans will have the opportunity to see casts from both Land of the Lost and Lost in Space, brought together for their first Seattle appearance.

While in attendance, fans will have the opportunity to meet, greet, and interact with such stars as Edward James Olmos, Grace Park, Aaron Douglas, Rekha Sharma, and Kate Vernon from the new Battlestar Galactica; Jack Stauffer, Anne Lockhart, Terry Carter, and Sarah Rush from the original series; as well as Wesley Eure from Land of the Lost, Jewel Staite of Firefly, and Mark Goddard of Lost in Space.

In keeping with its by-the-fans, for-the-fans inception, Galacticon 4 features a variety of panels and workshops that seek not only to open a window on the series’ developments, but help enthusiasts and creators bring life to their imaginings on a daily basis. Highlights include:

Acting from the Heart - Richard Hatch’s classic seminar with industry techniques for aspiring actors, writers, producers, and directors. The actor and Galacticon fixture shares thirty years of deeply relevant experience on how to cultivate the charisma and star quality to effectively realize creative visions.

Art of War - the story of bringing a classic back to the screen for contemporary audiences with Eric Chu, production designer for the reimagined series.

Digital Vaudeville - visual effects artist Joshua S. Johnson shares his enriching low to no budget production techniques (from pre- through post- ) and provides a thesis for the new “Digital Vaudeville” era.

Adventures in Chain Maille - artisan Jennifer Roberson illustrates how to use chain mail techniques to create beautiful jewelry, and help attendees realize their adornment inspirations from fantasy and sci-fi worlds.

Also featured: a writers’ workshop on the noble pursuit of fanfiction that explores how its creators can bring life, depth, and intelligence to their interrogations of beloved pre-made worlds.

“We are very excited to be able to bring Galacticon to Seattle and share that excitement with the sci-fi & fantasy fans in the area!” says co-producer Shawn O’Donnell. “It’s really the fans that are making this happen. Since 2003 Galacticon has been bringing fans together based around the central theme of Battlestar Galactica, but this year we are doing more. With BSG still at its core, we are also bringing alumni together from Star Trek, Land of the Lost, Lost in Space, Farscape and Babylon 5!"

About Galacticon

Conceptualized in 2003 by Richard Hatch to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Battlestar Galactica, the convention has grown since then to embrace a wide spectrum of science fiction and fantasy universes. Galacticon seeks to provide a fan-centric celebration of these rich legacies and inspire further explorations into their worlds. Follow Galacticon @Galacticon4.

For more information and tickets, please visit: http://www.galacticon.org/

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