Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Multitasking Face Brush Provides a Head-To-Toe Deep Clean

Unlike some rotating brushes that require the purchase of a new device or attachment for each and every skincare need, the Spa Sonic Face and Body Polisher comes with four bonus attachments – a small brush for the face, a large brush for the body, a pumice pad for rough areas, and a facial sponge for microdermabrasion and the application of skincare products.

Four removable rotating brush heads provide a deep clean from head-to-toe:
Small Brush:
The small facial brush is made of soft bristles, specially designed for tender facial skin and to reach every contour and groove of the face. For exfoliation, apply desired cleanser to brush or to skin before use. Gently move the brush across skin in a circular motion. 
Large Brush:
The large body brush is recommended for use on the entire body. To use, apply soap or cleanser to the body and gently move the brush over skin’s surface in circular motions.
Facial Sponge:
The soft facial sponge gently massages skin to stimulate skin cells and improve skin’s elasticity. The sponge furthers the absorption of skin care products used to prevent and erase fine lines and dark spots while also tightening pores. After exfoliation and/or cleansing, dip the sponge into the preferred skin care product and apply.
Immerse feet in warm water for several minutes, then wipe dry. Apply pumice to rough spots in a circular motion. During rotation, pumice efficiently exfoliates rough skin cells and reduces calluses. The pumice stone can be used on any rough parts of the body such as knees and elbows.

This is perfect to add to your daily routine. Also makes a great gift for this holiday. Check out the link to my review here: http://jennieyuen.blogspot.ca/2014/01/spa-sonic-skin-care-system-face-and.html

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