Saturday, November 3, 2012

Feminine Hygiene Tips & Healthy Hoohoo Review

Stacy Lyon (founder of feminine cleanser brand healthy hoohoo) says her product can easily align with your fitness/healthy living stories, as fitness and physical activity that activates sweat glands can affect a woman's pH balance. Stacy advises that women take extra precaution while working out. Fitness gear (leggings, sweat pants, water-resistant apparel) can create moisture around the pelvic area. Air circulation will keep both sweat and bacterial growth at bay. Stacy recommends keeping bacterial wipes in gym bags and immediately changing your under if you cannot get to a shower within an hour after working out.

Revolutionary in its simplicity and free of harsh chemicals and fragrances, healthy hoohoo Gentle Feminine Wash and healthy hoohoo Gentle Feminine Foaming Cleanser are designed to naturally restore the pH of a woman’s vaginal environment.

I was given a few samples (shown below) to try. The wash and the individual wipes are fragrance-free.  I used to purchase a different brand of feminine wash, but the company discontinued the product. Then I tried gentle soaps, but realized that it was the problem which gave me irritations (and not to mention bladder infections). Now that I discovered Healthy Hoohoo (and glad I did), I can continue my routine on daily healthy clean for the intimate area.

Gentle Feminine Wash - This ever-so-mild cleanser is pH balanced to complement your personal ecosystem. And our thoughtful blend of extracts will leave you feeling clean and healthy.

Gentle Feminine Wipe - Wipe a smile on your face and some freshness on your most precious parts with these soft and gentle wipes. Soaked in goodness and pH balanced to compliment your natural chemistry, they’re a perfectly portable last-minute refresher. Great for travel, camping, yoga, and that special time of the month.

Gentle Feminine Foam Cleanser - Shower your hoohoo with luv. Treat your parts down there to a little extra care. This lovely light foaming cleanser rinses away easily and leaves your most precious parts fresh and comfortable.


- Line of feminine hygienic cleansers created by a woman for all ages
- Free of parabens, fragrance and sulfates
- Gently removes odor causing bacteria
- Formulated with a blend of botanical extracts and ingredients that are pH balanced
- Gives the right amount of cleansing and moisturizing
- Founded after founder Stacy Lyon studied the dangers of parabens after a friend's breast cancer tumor biopsy came back with an alarmingly high concentration of paraben
- Products are tested on women, not animals

healthy hoohoo gentle care for down there...  Woo hoo for hoohoo!

WHERE TO BUY? healthy hoohoo are available online at drugstore.com, healthyhoohoo.com, and at fine body care boutiques and spas.

Disclosure: I received samples of the above mentioned products from the company/PR Firm in exchange for my review. The opinions expressed in my review are my own personal and honest thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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