Monday, November 5, 2012

Dinair Airbrush Makeup

Think airbrush makeup is just for celebrities, models or princess brides? Think again.Getting misty has never been easier or looked this good. Thanks to Dinair Airbrush Makeup, looking flawless is no longer a privilege for the few, or the reserve of special occasions.

"’Flawless’ doesn’t mean ‘masked,’ and one of the biggest misconceptions about airbrush makeup is that it is opaque,” says Emmy Award winning makeup artist Dina Ousley, co-founder of Dinair, the company that originated the airbrush makeup concept. “This low-pressure spray application delivers a fine veil of mini micro-dots that minimize imperfections not by covering but by evening out the skin and diffusing light. Airbrush makeup is not opaque unless you purposely build up to more coverage.” Ousley likens Dinair Airbrush Makeup to "finishing school for your skin," yielding a polished and professional look in just minutes every day. It’s a look with all day staying power, because airbrush makeup sits delicately on the skin, without sinking into, or clogging pores.

Thirty-years young, yet quintessentially modern at the hands of Dinair, airbrush makeup is having more than a moment. Here are just a few of the reasons beauties everywhere are taking a “spraycation” from traditional makeup:

CONTROLLED COVERAGE: You are the master of your own makeup destiny. Start light, and go heavier where – and if – you need more coverage. You can cover imperfections such as discolorations, redness, hyperpigmentation, and blemishes without the “mask” effect. It also reduces the appearance of large pores.

MEET YOUR MATCH: You can also mix your color to truly match your skin tone, thanks to more than 100 shades. (Customer service at Dinair will do it for you if you upload a picture) And you can choose from matte, sheen, or shimmer.

CLEANER: Dinair is the ultimate touch-free, bacteria-free makeup application system. No dirty hands, cotton balls, tissues, sponges, or germ-harboring brushes. The environment thanks you, too.

LEANER: A little goes a long way. There are 580 drops in a 1.15 fluid ounce bottle. It takes about 2 drops for eye shadow, liner, blush, lips, or brows, and 6-8 for foundation. Waste not, whine not.

SKIN-FRIENDLY: Suitable for any skin-type, Dinair makeup is water-based, silicone-free, oil-free, paraben-free, and hypo-allergenic. It is non-comedogenic, breathable and won’t clog pores. Users with blemish prone skin often report a dramatic reduction in breakouts after they begin using Dinair, because the breathable micro-dots sit on the surface of the skin instead of sinking into the pores.

HOW IT FEELS: Dinair sets upon contact and feels exceptionally light and airy, a sensation that mineral makeup users as well as women who don’t wear much makeup will particularly appreciate. Note: when using Dinair, moisturizer is applied after foundation. Each kit contains Moist & Dewy, an olive-oil based moisturizer that is formulated for use in the personal compressor.

LONG-LASTING: Dinair airbrush makeup lasts 24 hours and will not smudge, transfer, run or cake. It is melt-proof, even in hot, tropical climes! After application, it mingles with your skin’s individual pigments and chemistry, and “mellows” so you look even better as the day or evening goes on.

WHERE TO BUY? A selection of products and kits can be purchased at www.airbrushmakeup.com or call 1-800-785-4770

Disclosure: I did not receive any products nor was paid for this post. I was provided info from the PR Firm/Company to share. Any opinions expressed in my review are my own personal and honest thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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  1. I read lot of good feedback about this airbrush and I am interested. I want to be an airbrush artist and I will start with this.

  2. I had a great read. I'm a makeup artist and I also use airbrush makeup for my clients. They like it. I think airbrush makeup is much better than traditional makeup. Your article proves me right on what I offer for my clients. Thanks.