Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tromadance 2012 to screen "Crank 2" & "Ghost Rider" camera team's "THE FP"

TromaDance is pleased to announce the two feature films selected to screen at the 13th Annual TromaDance Film Festival, the only truly independent film festival that is completely FREE! The FP and Manborg will screen along with thirty-six short films from all over the world.

Opening the festival on Friday, May 4 is Manborg, directed by Steven Kostanski of filmmaking collective Astron-6, whose latest feature Father's Day is currently touring with highly successful theatrical screenings both nationally and internationally. In Manborg, a soldier, brought back to life as a cyborg, fights alongside a band of adventurers against demon hordes in a dystopian future. The festival begins at 7pm and Manborg will screen at 8pm.

Closing the festival the following night at 7pm is The FP, which tells the story of two gangs locked in a turf war in rural wasteland Frasier Park, in the deadly arena of competitive dance-fight video game Beat-Beat Revolution. A fury of fierce footwork, triumphant montages and neon street wear, The FP is directed by Jason and Brandon Trost, two brothers known for their cinematography work on many films including Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor's Crank: High Voltage and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

TromaDance will be held at Asbury Lanes in historic Asbury Park, New Jersey on May 4th and 5th. All TromaDance screenings are free and with the festival's "No VIP Policy", celebrities and fans are treated equally. Unlike mainstream, elitist festivals like Cannes and Sundance, TromaDance does not charge film makers anything to submit their films. As is the tradition, part of the TromaDance 2012 budget is funded by fans. This year the festival is being partially crowd-funded through Kickstarter.

Founded in 1999 by Lloyd Kaufman (President of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger) and inspired by Trey Parker (South Park), whose first film Cannibal: The Musical! was a Troma release, TromaDance enjoyed ten successful years in Park City, Utah. In 2010, TromaDance came home to New Jersey, home of Tromaville and The Toxic Avenger. The response TromaDance received from the people of Asbury Park and the media was overwhelmingly positive. Visit www.tromadance.com for information about TromaDance 2012.

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