Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stawamus Chief Provincial Park in Squamish, BC

It was a nice Saturday afternoon. The family (Hubby, little Brandon, and I) went for a little road trip. Our main trip was originally visit Brandywine Falls near Whistler, BC. Unfortunately, we did not make it due to a serious highway accident that backed up the traffic on the way there. We checked the traffic report and heard the highway was closed. As per our GPS, we were just about 5 minutes drive away. Instead of waiting for a long time (possibly few hours), we decided to turn back and check out the scenaries on the way. We stopped at Stawamus Chief Provincial Park and went for a little hike. We didn't hike all the way as the steps were a little too steep for our little one. We only stopped for a few photos of the waterfall and mountain views.

View of the mountains west of the Sea-to-Sky Highway near the top of the hike at Stawamus Chief:

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