Thursday, April 12, 2012

Trade-in Your Old CDs for Amazon Store Credit

Now you can trade your old CDs through the Amazon Trade-In Program and receive store credit which can be spent on any items that Amazon has available.

Music Trade In

There are limits on how much you can trade in. Each individual trade-in shipment is limited to a total value of up to $750. If your total trade-in shipment is greater than $750, you will need to make multiple trade-in shipments. Some items are allowed in limited quantities. The item's quantity will be adjusted to the allowed maximum if you try to submit more.

Trade-in your books, movies, or video games at Amazon.com
Search for items to trade in. Your trade-in items must meet the product eligibility criteria.

 Ship Your Items for Free
Print a shipping label
and packing slip, package your items,
and ship them. 

 Receive an Amazon.com Gift Card
An Amazon.com Gift Card will be deposited into your account upon receipt of items.

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