Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How to avoid holiday stress on your relationship

How to avoid holiday stress on your relationship
Rachel Sussman, LCSW Marriage and Family Therapist

Holiday stress can strain any relationship. Sometimes there’s so much pressure to have a great time that you make yourselves miserable. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Family therapist Rachel Sussman shares her advice for how to avoid letting holiday pressures affect your relationship.

The holidays can add so much more onto our plates that the stress of shopping, preparing, parties, and family affects our relationship. Rachel has several tips to avoid holiday stress on our relationships:

* Don't worry about making everything "perfect." Relax! Communicate with your partner about the kind of holiday you want--make it special for each other rather than trying to live up to others' expections.

* If you feel embarrassed by something your partner has done at a holiday party (or vice versa): be grounded and gracious as possible. Try not to let nerves or alcohol influence your behavior towards someone you love.

* Work together as a couple during the holidays. Don't let either of you bear all of the burden of planning. Make it fun and remember not to take it all too seriously.

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