Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Don’t Drive Buzzed This Holiday: 7 Tips to Stay Safe on the Roads

Last year, approximately 10,500 people died in alcohol-impaired-driving crashes. Historically, holiday periods have shown higher incidences of alcohol-impaired driving crashes, so whether you're at a holiday party, a New Year’s Eve bash at a bar or reveling with friends, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Ad Council are reminding everyone that the best way to stay safe is to plan ahead and designate a sober before you head out for your festivities.

Here are 7 ways to stay safe this holiday:
  • Use these fun, holiday-themed posters on your blog or Facebook page
  • Plan a safe way home before the festivities begin
  • Before drinking, designate a sober driver and leave your car keys at home
  • If you’re impaired, use a taxi, call a sober friend or family member, or use public transportation so you are sure to get home safely
  • Use your community’s sober ride program
  • If you happen to see a drunk driver on the road, don’t hesitate to contact your local law enforcement
  • Remember, Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving. If you know people who are about to drive or ride with someone who is impaired, take the driver’s keys and help them make other arrangements to get to where they are going safely.
Designated Driver Drink List — One of the most important things you can do before going out is designate a sober driver. If you’re throwing a party, make sure to offer non-alcoholic drinks for the sober drivers. Check out BuzzDrivingIsDrunkDriving's Facebook tab with 50 non-alcoholic party drink recipes.

Alternative Ride Locator — See the Facebook tab with a list of nationwide alternative ride programs that can help keep your readers safe.

Visit the Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving website — Sign a pledge not to drink and drive; play “Spot the Difference,” an interactive game that simulates the effects of buzzed driving; and watch a real-life video about how buzzed driving changed one woman’s life. 

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  1. Interesting article. Great tips for having safer holidays. Staying away from impaired driving tickets seems like a great challenge for some drivers who put everyone on the street at risk, due to their lack of responsibility. Learning to be a good driver isn't that hard, but it needs a lot of awareness.