Thursday, December 1, 2011

Celebrity Stalking and Fame Fanaticism on VICE's "Rose Boy and Friends"


In a society where the paparazzi and public are constantly dissecting the lives of their favorite superstars, we explore the manic worlds of four individuals who will stop at nothing to get celebrity approval and their five minutes of fame

Rose Boy, became an instant viral sensation when the media captured him being utterly shafted by hottie Megan Fox as he tried to offer her a rose... Fame may be brief, but it sure is awesome.

November 29, 2011, VICE announced the premiere of Rose Boy and Friends on VICE.COM, a documentary that uncovers the world of celebrity fetishes and fame’s poisonous appeal. We follow four celeb-hunters who will do anything to get a fix with the object of their obsessions, tracking stars such as Melanie C to Billy Connolly to the cast of Sex and the City.

Watch Rose Boy and Friends here: http://www.vice.com/rule-britannia/rule-britannia-roseboy-part-1

Rose Boy and Friends starts off with the exceptional day-to-day life of internet phenomenon, “Rose Boy,” who, in 2009, rocketed to fame when his picture was captured by the paparazzi as he helplessly tried to offer hot superstar Megan Fox a rose, and now stops at nothing to relive his moment in the spotlight. Rose Boy and Friends also accompanies a 40 year old as he gets Billy Connolly’s face tattooed on his ass, chats with a Brazilian youngster who moved all the way to the UK to be closer to former Spice Girl, Melanie C., and enters the home of La Roux doppelganger, Sam, who goes to all ends to look like his favorite star.

Who doesn’t want their five minutes of fame?


Rose Boy and Friends airs on VICE's brand new site, VICE.COM, which is the zenith, capstone, apex, flagship, pinnacle, and crowning achievement of VICE's collective output. Almost two decades in the making, the site is a sparkling amalgam of everything you've always known and loved about VICE magazine, Viceland.com, and VBS.TV—all rolled into one convenient and portable location.

Since its launch, VICE has become an industry leader in creating and distributing high-quality original content and providing online news. VICE boasts over 40 established shows covering everything from current events to sports to investigative reporting to music.

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