Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ferrarelle Platinum Sparkling Mineral Water Review

Ferrarelle Platinum Keeps the Conversation Sparkling all Season

I don't drink sparkling water often, but I think Ferrarelle tastes pretty good. Unlike the other brand I have tried, Ferrarelle is mild in taste and lightly carbonated. It's just the right amount that the bubbles don't tickle up my nose. The water tastes better chilled.

I decided to try something different by adding a bit of juice to give it a bit of flavor. It worked quite nicely. And if I wanted to make it an alcoholic drink, I add a shot of white wine or ice wine. It's almost like champaigne.

Ferrarelle Platinum is the only sparkling water that will be on everyone's lips this holiday season. Naturally effervescent, it adds just the right amount of fizz to festive cocktails and is wonderful accompaniment to the celebratory season's best bites. Italy's No. 1 naturally sparkling mineral water will hydrate revelers into the wee hours at all the best parties from Christmas to New Year's.

The natural bubbles in Ferrarelle are finer and more numerous than in water manufactured with added CO2, thus giving Ferrarelle more delicacy on the plate and a unique taste. By a fluke of geology, Ferrarelle is naturally effervescent, coming out of the source already sparkling. Most other brands of sparkling waters come out of the ground still (or flat) and are then artificially carbonated like soda. This makes their carbonation very strong and harsh while Ferrarelle has a much softer texture which complements the best spirits and cuisine without compromising them.

A sleek Ferrarelle Platinum bottle will impress any host or hostess and is the perfect accessory for chic holiday gatherings. Safe for pregnant women, Ferrarelle Platinum is a trendy Italian offering for those who appreciate the best bubbles without the alcohol.

Disclosure: I received a sample bottle of Ferrarelle Platinum in exchange of my review of this post. I was also provided info from the PR firm to share. Any expressed opinions are my own and personal thoughts. No other compensation was given.

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