Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Muse Gelato Egg Nog Specialty Flavor for the Holiday

With the holiday season quickly approaching, the search is on for the freshest takes on holiday treats. Candy canes, pies, ribbon candy, and gingerbread cookies are delicious and festive holiday desserts, but add Muse Gelato’s Egg Nog specialty flavor to the mix and voila, you have the ultimate Christmas spread. With just 140 calories per ½ cup served, Muse’s Egg Nog gelato offers an amazing mix of classic egg nog, nutmeg, and rum. Creating a delicious and healthy holiday treat.

Gelato lovers are in for a scrumptious surprise this holiday season. Candy canes, gingerbread houses, and apple pies are just a few of the holiday favorites that will adorn the table for all to enjoy. In the festive spirit, Muse Gelato has introduced its assortment of specialty “holiday” flavors with limited availability for the winter holidays.

So what are the interesting flavors for this upcoming holiday season? Muse has taken an old British holiday tradition, which consists of soaking stilton blue cheese in port wine over night to eat on Christmas day, and twisted it to suit its product. The outcome - Stilton Blue Cheese & Port Wine Gelato – a fresh interpretation of a beloved custom.

Additionally, Gingerbread Cheesecake Gelato and Muse’s inspired take on the ordinary – Egg Nog Gelato! Offering a classically spiced flavor of egg nog with a touch of nutmeg and a slight swig of rum, this gelato is sure to please. With just 140 calories per serving, Muse has created a delectable and healthy holiday treat for all to enjoy.

Pecan Pie Gelato

The holidays are always a delicious, indulgent time but adding unusual and appropriate “endings” – such as a festive flavor of gelato –to the holiday dessert spread will truly shake up your guest’s taste buds – taking their palates on a tantalizing and tasteful journey that they will surely love!

Pear Prosecco

To learn more about its exquisite and inspired flavors, visit Muse Gelato’s website at www.musegelato.com

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