Wednesday, November 16, 2011

FilmSkills.com - The Next Generation of Film Education Launches New Videos

Focal Press, the global leader in books and content on film and media technology, recently launched FilmSkills, a transformational educational tool that takes film education into the now. Adapted for both individuals and film school instructors, FilmSkills brings Hollywood insiders directly to the computers of a new generation of film students. The site now features new directing edifying interviews and tutorials from industry heavy hitters (to name a few):

Josh McLaglen (1st Assistant Director/Producer, "Titanic," "Avatar," "Beowulf," "Real Steel")

Randal Kleiser (Director:"Grease," "Blue Lagoon," "Flight of the Navigator")

Rob Bowman (Director: "The X-Files," "Star Trek, The Next Generation," Executive Producer: "Castle")

Andrew Davis (Director: "The Fugitive," "Code of Silence," "Chain Reaction," "Collateral Damage")

Bethany Rooney (Television Director: "Brothers and Sisters," "Grey's Anatomy," "Desperate Housewives," "Private Practice")

Mary Lou Belli (Emmy-winning television director, "Monk," "Charles in Charge," "The Hughleys")

David Stump (Award Winning Cinematographer)

Dan Riffel (Los Angeles-based Gaffer, "Iron Man 1 & 2," "G.I. Joe," "Hancock," "Spiderman 3," "Mr. & Mrs. Smith")

Judy Irola (Cinematographer, Chair USC Cinematography Department)

The new DIRECTING modules include:

1. Storyboards and Pre-Vis - Storyboards and pre-visualization techniques are outstanding tools for helping you share your vision with the cast and crew. Additionally, by pre-vising a sequence, the crew can more effectively schedule and budget the shoot. In this module, we're going to look at how to use these tools to improve your shoot - both in front of and behind the lens. Click here to preview: http://www.filmskills.com/node/1841

2. Basic Coverage - Directors are responsible for determining the best way to use the camera to cover the action in the scene. Often, with limitations of time and money, this taks can be challenging, especially with complex scenes. In this module, we're going to look at a basic template for shooting the action in a scene - the master, coverage, inserts and cat-in-the-window shots. Click here to preview: http://www.filmskills.com/node/2184

3. Advanced Coverage - Shooting a scene isn't just about shooting a master shot and close-ups, but creating a shot that's right for the story. In this module, you will learn how to craft a oner, control the pacing and rhythm of a scene, determine the opening visual, transition from one scene to the next, and ultimately shoot just the right amount of coverage so you have options in the editing room. Click here to preview: http://www.filmskills.com/node/2182

4. Blocking The Actors - Blocking is the physical movement of the actors relative to the camera, and it's the director's job to ensure a performance feels natural within the technical limitations of the set. In this module, you will learn how to block the actors, what story cues to look for, how to drive the blocking emotionally, and how to work with the actors to get the best performance possible - all while considering scheduling and budgeting restrictions. Click here to preview: http://www.filmskills.com/node/1838

5. Creating a Shotlist - A shotlist is a vital tool to help the director communicate his vision to the crew. in this module, you will learn how to create a shotlist that supports the integrity of your vision, all while giving the tools they need to fulfil your vision. Click here to preview: http://www.filmskills.com/node/1839

To create FilmSkills, Focal Press has partnered with over 200 leading industry experts from the executive producer of "Everybody Loves Raymond" and the 1st assistant director of "Avatar" to Emmy-winning television directors to an Academy-Award Nominated Costume Designer to an Academy Award Winning inventor of the Lucasfilm THX sound system and more.

"Filmmaking is a collaborative art," said FilmSkills co-creator Jason Tomaric. "Working alongside the masters of the industry provides those of us in filmmaking with a career-long education. In FilmSkills we've recreated that collaborative atmosphere so young filmmakers can learn from the best filmmakers in the world."

FilmSkills covers the entire process from writing to distribution and expertly organizes each lesson into 93 multimedia modules. FilmSkills contains:

* Over one hundred videos that feature working film professionals and academic experts
* Downloadable tools (raw footage, budget forms, etc.)
* Companion text from Focal Press books that delves deep into the subject matter
* Instructor resources (tests, quizzes, PowerPoint presentations that feature lecture slides)
* Social Media features allowing students and teachers to add their insights to the conversations

FilmSkills provides resources for those new to the industry and those who want to hone their skills, and its modules are already used in over 40 countries and dozens of film schools.

"Digital tools are transforming book publishing and education," said Focal Press publisher Elinor Actipis. "Focal Press is proud to be the first publisher to offer its world-leading content on a platform that allows our customers to learn this visual art with visual tools."

With hundreds of subscribers from around the world, FilmSkills is looking to revolutionize film education and are well on their way.

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