Monday, November 21, 2011

Emergency Medical Center Locator App

Emergency Medical Center Locator

Physician Dr. Bruce W. Moskowitz, M.D., P.L., has developed a truly beneficial and potentially life-saving iPhone application: Emergency Medical Center Locator (EMCL).

Not only does the free EMCL app directs you to the closest medical center in an emergency, but the closest medical center best qualified to take care of your specific emergency ANYWHERE in the world. The app offers recommendations in six specialty areas that tend to require immediate care: Trauma, Stroke, Eye, Pediatric, Cardiac and Burn. It directs users to the medical center with the most advanced facilities and best patient outcomes in the given specialty.

I wish there was a similar app like this one when we went on vacation back in April. Hubby got sick and found out he had bronchitis. We searched all over the phone books and hospitals for an available doctor. With all that trouble, we wasted a day of our trip and had to cancel events. Anyway, it's good to have this app available and we will have it for our next "out-of-town" vacation (in case of emergency).


You can download the app for free at http://itunes.apple.com/il/app/emergency-medical-center-locator/id477974669?mt=8

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