Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Break Vacation: Vancouver to Los Angeles

It's Spring Break for the kids and Hubby and I took some vacation days so we could go to Los Angeles, California. Yes, we went there last year also during Spring Break to visit Disneyland, but this time, I wanted to explore the city a bit more and take in the amazing scenic views. Another reason we went to Los Angeles is because I was the grand prize winner for the California trip from Caliburger Vancouver's grand opening social media contest back in June 2016. We're excited that this was happening.

After booking everything, we realized and remembered the time change for daylight savings so we lost an hour of sleep. Funny thing was that the same thing happened last year as well.

Finally on the plane to LAX! Got some sunshine all week as per the weather forecast. It was 30 degrees C in LA and loving it!

After a week, we were back in chilly Vancouver. So wonderful that CaliBurger mascot came to welcome us home. Thanks to Manager Kelly and Owner Reyaz for arranging this trip. Stay tuned for upcoming photos and experiences in a separate blog post of our California trip.

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